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Haverkamp, Paul J; Shekeine, John; de Jong, Rogier; Schaepman, Michael E; Turnbull, Lindsay A; Baxter, Richard; Hansen, Dennis; Bunbury, Nancy; Fleischer-Dogley, Frauke; Schaepman-Strub, Gabriela (2017). Giant tortoise habitats under increasing drought conditions on Aldabra Atoll—Ecological indicators to monitor rainfall anomalies and related vegetation activity. Ecological Indicators, 80:354-362.

Saner, Philippe; Philipson, Christopher D; Peters, Shaun; Keller, Felix; Bigler, Laurent; Turnbull, Lindsay A; Hector, Andy (2016). Growth rates and relative change in non-structural carbohydrates of dipterocarp seedlings in response to light acclimation. Plant Ecology and Diversity, 9(5-6):491-504.

Turnbull, Lindsay A; Ozgul, Arpat; Accouche, Wilna; Baxter, Rich; ChongSeng, Lindsay; Currie, Jock C; Doak, Naomi; Hansen, Dennis M; Pistorius, Pierre; Richards, Heather; van de Crommenacker, Janske; von Brandis, Rainer; Fleischer-Dogley, Frauke; Bunbury, Nancy (2015). Persistence of distinctive morphotypes in the native range of the CITES-listed Aldabra giant tortoise. Ecology and Evolution, 5(23):5499-5508.

Shekeine, John; Turnbull, Lindsay A; Cherubini, Paolo; de Jong, Rogier; Baxter, R; Hansen, Dennis; Bunbury, Nancy; Fleischer-Dogley, Frauke; Schaepman-Strub, Gabriela (2015). Primary productivity and its correlation with rainfall on Aldabra Atoll. Biogeosciences Discussions, 12(2):981-1013.

Lüscher, Gisela; Schneider, Manuel K; Turnbull, Lindsay A; Arndorfer, Michaela; Bailey, Debra; Herzog, Felix; Pointereau, Philippe; Richner, Nina; Jeanneret, Philippe (2014). Appropriate metrics to inform farmers about species diversity. Environmental Science & Policy, 41:52-62.

Lüscher, Gisela; Jeanneret, Philippe; Schneider, Manuel K; Turnbull, Lindsay A; Arndorfer, Michaela; Balázs, Katalin; Báldi, András; Bailey, Debra; Bernhardt, Karl G; Choisis, Jean-Philippe; Elek, Zoltán; Frank, Thomas; Friedel, Jürgen K; Kainz, Maximilian; Kovács-Hostyánszki, Anikó; Oschatz, Marie-Louise; Paoletti, Maurizio G; Papaja-Hülsbergen, Susanne; Sarthou, Jean-Pierre; Siebrecht, Norman; Wolfrum, Sebastian; Herzog, Felix (2014). Responses of plants, earthworms, spiders and bees to geographic location, agricultural management and surrounding landscape in European arable fields. Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment, 186:124-134.

Joseph, Bindu; Corwin, Jason A; Züst, Tobias; Li, Baohua; Iravani, Majid; Schaepman-Strub, Gabriela; Turnbull, Lindsay A; Kliebenstein, Daniel J (2013). Hierarchical nuclear and cytoplasmic genetic architectures for plant growth and defense within Arabidopsis. Plant Cell, 25(6):1929-1945.

Cozzi, Gabriele; Broekhuis, Femke; McNutt, John W; Turnbull, Lindsay A; Macdonald, David W; Schmid, Bernhard (2012). Fear of the dark or dinner by moonlight? Reduced temporal partitioning among Africa’s large carnivores. Ecology, 93(12):2590-2599.

Philipson, Christopher D; Saner, Philippe; Marthews, Toby R; Nilus, Reuben; Reynolds, Glen; Turnbull, Lindsay A; Hector, Andy (2012). Light-based regeneration niches: Evidence from 21 Dipterocarp species using size-specific RGRs. Biotropica, 44(5):627-636.

Züst, Tobias; Heichinger, Christian; Grossniklaus, Ueli; Harrington, Richard; Kliebenstein, Daniel J; Turnbull, Lindsay A (2012). Natural enemies drive geographic variation in plant defenses. Science, 338(6103):116-119.

Turnbull, Lindsay A; Philipson, Christopher D; Purves, Drew W; Atkinson, Rebecca L; Cunniff, Jennifer; Goodenough, Anne; Hautier, Yann; Houghton, Jennie; Marthews, Toby R; Osborne, Colin P; Paul-Victor, Cloé; Rose, Karen E; Saner, Philippe; Taylor, Samuel H; Woodward, F Ian; Hector, Andy; Rees, Mark (2012). Plant growth rates and seed size: a re-evaluation. Ecology, 93(6):1283-1289.

Zust, Tobias; Joseph, Bindu; Shimizu, Kentaro K; Kliebenstein, Daniel J; Turnbull, Lindsay A (2011). Using knockout mutants to reveal the growth costs of defensive traits. Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences, 278(1718):2598-2603.

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