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Etemadi, N; Chopin, M; Anderton, H; Tanzer, M C; Rickard, J A; Abeysekra, W; Hall, C; Spall, S K; Wang, B; Xiong, Y; HLa, T; Pitson, S M; Bonder, C S; Wong, W W; Ernst, M; Smyth, G K; Vaux, D L; Nutt, S L; Nachbur, U; Silke, J (2015). TRAF2 regulates TNF and NF-κB signalling to suppress apoptosis and skin inflammation independently of Sphingosine kinase-1. eLife, 4:e10592.

Gong, Pengfei; Canaan, A; Wang, B; Leventhal, J; Snyder, A; Nair, V; Cohen, C D; Kretzler, M; D'Agati, V; Weissman, S; Ross, M J (2010). The ubiquitin-like protein FAT10 mediates NF-kappaB activation. Journal of the American Society of Nephrology (JASN), 21(2):316-326.

Moritz, W; Wang, B; Bocquet, M L; Brugger, T; Greber, T; Wintterlin, J; Günther, S (2010). Structure determination of the coincidence phase of graphene on Ru(0001). Physical Review Letters, 104(13):136102 .

Brugger, T; Günther, S; Wang, B; Dil, J H; Bocquet, M L; Osterwalder, J; Wintterlin, J; Greber, T (2009). Comparison of electronic structure and template function of single-layer graphene and a hexagonal boron nitride nanomesh on Ru(0001). Physical Review. B, Condensed Matter and Materials Physics, 79 (4):045407.

DeBoer, S R; You, Y; Szodorai, A; Kaminska, A; Pigino, G; Nwabuisi, E; Wang, B; Estrada-Hernandez, T; Kins, S; Brady, S; Morfini, G (2008). Conventional kinesin holoenzymes are composed of heavy and light chain homodimers. Biochemistry, 47(15):4535-4543.

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