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Praz, Coraline R; Bourras, Salim; Zeng, Fansong; Sánchez-Martín, Javier; Menardo, Fabrizio; Xue, Minfeng; Yang, Lijun; Roffler, Stefan; Böni, Rainer; Herren, Gerard; McNally, Kaitlin E; Ben-David, Roi; Parlange, Francis; Oberhaensli, Simone; Flückiger, Simon; Schäfer, Luisa K; Wicker, Thomas; Yu, Dazhao; Keller, Beat (2017). AvrPm2 encodes an RNase-like avirulence effector which is conserved in the two different specialized forms of wheat and rye powdery mildew fungus. New Phytologist, 213(3):1301-1314.

Menardo, Fabrizio; Praz, Coraline R; Wicker, Thomas; Keller, Beat (2017). Rapid turnover of effectors in grass powdery mildew (Blumeria graminis). BMC Evolutionary Biology, 17(1):223.

Thind, Anupriya K; Wicker, Thomas; Krattinger, Simon G (2017). Rapid identification of rust resistance genes through cultivar-specific de novo chromosome assemblies. In: Periyannan, Sam. Wheat Rust Diseases. New York, NY: Springer, 245-255.

Thind, Anupriya Kaur; Wicker, Thomas; Šimková, Hana; Fossati, Dario; Moullet, Odile; Brabant, Cécile; Vrána, Jan; Doležel, Jaroslav; Krattinger, Simon G (2017). Rapid cloning of genes in hexaploid wheat using cultivar-specific long-range chromosome assembly. Nature Biotechnology, 35(8):793-796.

Menardo, Fabrizio; Wicker, Thomas; Keller, Beat (2017). Reconstructing the evolutionary history of powdery mildew lineages (Blumeria graminis) at different evolutionary time scales with NGS data. Genome Biology and Evolution, 9(2):446-456.

Singla, Jyoti; Lüthi, Linda; Wicker, Thomas; Bansal, Urmil; Krattinger, Simon G; Keller, Beat (2017). Characterization of Lr75: a partial, broad-spectrum leaf rust resistance gene in wheat. TAG. Theoretical and applied genetics. Theoretische und angewandte Genetik, 130(1):1-12.

Qureshi, Naeela; Bariana, Harbans; Forrest, Kerrie; Hayden, Matthew; Keller, Beat; Wicker, Thomas; Faris, Justin; Salina, Elena; Bansal, Urmil (2017). Fine mapping of the chromosome 5B region carrying closely linked rust resistance genes Yr47 and Lr52 in wheat. TAG. Theoretical and applied genetics. Theoretische und angewandte Genetik, 130(3):495-504.

Sánchez-Martín, Javier; Steuernagel, Burkhard; Ghosh, Sreya; Herren, Gerhard; Hurni, Severine; Adamski, Nikolai; Vrána, Jan; Kubaláková, Marie; Krattinger, Simon G; Wicker, Thomas; Doležel, Jaroslav; Keller, Beat; Wulff, Brande B H (2016). Rapid gene isolation in barley and wheat by mutant chromosome sequencing. Genome Biology, 17(1):221.

Ben-David, Roi; Parks, Ryan; Dinoor, Amos; Kosman, Evsey; Wicker, Thomas; Keller, Beat; Cowger, Christina (2016). Differentiation among blumeria graminis f. sp.tritici isolates originating from wild versus domesticated triticum species in Israel. Phytopathology, 106(8):861-870.

Bourras, Salim; McNally, Kaitlin E; Müller, Marion C; Wicker, Thomas; Keller, Beat (2016). Avirulence Genes in Cereal Powdery Mildews: The Gene-for-Gene Hypothesis 2.0. Frontiers in Plant Science:7:241.

Wicker, Thomas; Yu, Yeisoo; Haberer, Georg; Mayer, Klaus F X; Marri, Pradeep Reddy; Rounsley, Steve; Chen, Mingsheng; Zuccolo, Andrea; Panaud, Olivier; Wing, Rod A; Roffler, Stefan (2016). DNA transposon activity is associated with increased mutation rates in genes of rice and other grasses. Nature Communications, 7:12790.

Pinto-Carbó, Marta; Sieber, Simon; Dessein, Steven; Wicker, Thomas; Verstraete, Brecht; Gademann, Karl; Eberl, Leo; Carlier, Aurelien (2016). Evidence of horizontal gene transfer between obligate leaf nodule symbionts. The ISME journal, 10(9):2092-2105.

Kamber, Tim; Buchmann, Jan P; Pothier, Joël F; Smits, Theo H M; Wicker, Thomas; Duffy, Brion (2016). Fire blight disease reactome: RNA-seq transcriptional profile of apple host plant defense responses to Erwinia amylovora pathogen infection. Scientific Reports, 6:21600.

Menardo, Fabrizio; Praz, Coraline R; Wyder, Stefan; Ben-David, Roi; Bourras, Salim; Matsumae, Hiromi; McNally, Kaitlin E; Parlange, Francis; Riba, Andrea; Roffler, Stefan; Schaefer, Luisa K; Shimizu, Kentaro K; Valenti, Luca; Zbinden, Helen; Wicker, Thomas; Keller, Beat (2016). Hybridization of powdery mildew strains gives rise to pathogens on novel agricultural crop species. Nature Genetics, 48(2):201-205.

Shi, Gongjun; Zhang, Zengcui; Friesen, Timothy L; Bansal, Urmil; Cloutier, Sylvie; Wicker, Thomas; Rasmussen, Jack B; Faris, Justin D (2016). Marker development, saturation mapping, and high-resolution mapping of the Septoria nodorum blotch susceptibility gene Snn3-B1 in wheat. Molecular Genetics and Genomics, 291(1):107-119.

Roffler, Stefan; Mendardo, Fabrizio; Wicker, Thomas (2015). The making of a genomic parasite - the Mothra family sheds light on the evolution of Helitrons in plants. Mobile DNA, 6(23):1-13.

Amselem, Joelle; Vigouroux, Marielle; Oberhaensli, Simone; Brown, James K M; Bindschedler, Laurence V; Skamnioti, Pari; Wicker, Thomas; Spanu, Pietro D; Quesneville, Hadi; Sacristán, Soledad (2015). Evolution of the EKA family of powdery mildew avirulence-effector genes from the ORF 1 of a LINE retrotransposon. BMC Genomics, 16(917):online.

Pourkheirandish, Mohammad; Hensel, Goetz; Kilian, Benjamin; Senthil, Natesan; Chen, Guoxiong; Sameri, Mohammad; Azhaguvel, Perumal; Sakuma, Shun; Dhanagond, Sidram; Sharma, Rajiv; Mascher, Martin; Himmelbach, Axel; Gottwald, Sven; Nair, Sudha K; Tagiri, Akemi; Yukuhiro, Fumiko; Nagamura, Yoshiaki; Kanamori, Hiroyuki; Matsumoto, Takashi; Willcox, George; Middleton, Christopher P; Wicker, Thomas; Walther, Alexander; Waugh, Robbie; Fincher, Geoffrey B; Stein, Nils; Kumlehn, Jochen; Sato, Kazuhiro; Komatsuda, Takao (2015). Evolution of the Grain Dispersal System in Barley. Cell, 162(3):527-539.

Chhuneja, Parveen; Yadav, Bharat; Stirnweis, Daniel; Hurni, Severine; Kaur, Satinder; Elkot, Ahmed Fawzy; Keller, Beat; Wicker, Thomas; Sehgal, Sunish; Gill, Bikram S; Singh, Kuldeep (2015). Fine mapping of powdery mildew resistance genes PmTb7A.1 and PmTb7A.2 in Triticum boeoticum (Boiss.) using the shotgun sequence assembly of chromosome 7AL. TAG. Theoretical and applied genetics. Theoretische und angewandte Genetik, 128(10):2099-2111.

Parlange, Francis; Roffler, Stefan; Menardo, Fabrizio; Ben-David, Roi; Bourras, Salim; McNally, Kaitlin E; Oberhaensli, Simone; Stirnweis, Daniel; Buchmann, Gabriele; Wicker, Thomas; Keller, Beat (2015). Genetic and molecular characterization of a locus involved in avirulence of Blumeria graminis f. sp. tritici on wheat Pm3 resistance alleles. Fungal Genetics and Biology, 82:181-192.

Roffler, Stefan; Wicker, Thomas (2015). Genome-wide comparison of Asian and African rice reveals high recent activity of DNA transposons. Mobile DNA, 6(8):online.

Bourras, Salim; McNally, Kaitlin Elyse; Ben-David, Roi; Parlange, Francis; Roffler, Stefan; Praz, Coraline Rosalie; Oberhaensli, Simone; Menardo, Fabrizio; Stirnweis, Daniel; Frenkel, Zeev; Schaefer, Luisa Katharina; Flückiger, Simon; Treier, Georges; Herren, Gerhard; Korol, Abraham B; Wicker, Thomas; Keller, Beat (2015). Multiple Avirulence Loci and Allele-Specific Effector Recognition Control thePm3Race-Specific Resistance of Wheat to Powdery Mildew. Plant Cell, 27(10):2991-3012.

Wicker, Thomas; Wing, Rod A; Schubert, Ingo (2015). Recurrent sequence exchange between homeologous grass chromosomes. The Plant Journal, 84(4):747-759.

Copetti, Dario; Zhang, Jianwei; El Baidouri, Moaine; Gao, Dongying; Wang, Jun; Barghini, Elena; Cossu, Rosa M; Angelova, Angelina; Maldonado L, Carlos E; Roffler, Stefan; Ohyanagi, Hajime; Wicker, Thomas; Fan, Chuanzhu; Zuccolo, Andrea; Chen, Mingsheng; Costa de Oliveira, Antonio; Han, Bin; Henry, Robert; Hsing, Yue-ie; Kurata, Nori; Wang, Wen; Jackson, Scott A; Panaud, Olivier; Wing, Rod A (2015). RiTE database: a resource database for genus-wide rice genomics and evolutionary biology. BMC Genomics, 16(538):online.

Hurni, Severine; Scheuermann, Daniela; Krattinger, Simon G; Kessel, Bettina; Wicker, Thomas; Herren, Gerhard; Fitze, Mirjam N; Breen, James; Presterl, Thomas; Ouzunova, Milena; Keller, Beat (2015). The maize disease resistance geneHtn1against northern corn leaf blight encodes a wall-associated receptor-like kinase. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 112(28):8780-8785.

Chauhan, Harsh; Boni, Rainer; Bucher, Rahel; Kuhn, Benjamin; Buchmann, Gabriele; Sucher, Justine; Selter, Liselotte L; Hensel, Goetz; Kumlehn, Jochen; Bigler, Laurent; Glauser, Gaëtan; Wicker, Thomas; Krattinger, Simon G; Keller, Beat (2015). The wheat resistance gene Lr34 results in the constitutive induction of multiple defense pathways in transgenic barley. The Plant Journal, 84(1):202-215.

Song, Won-Yong; Mendoza-Cózatl, David G; Lee, Youngsook; Schroeder, Julian I; Ahn, Sang-Nag; Lee, Hyun-Sook; Wicker, Thomas; Martinoia, Enrico (2014). Phytochelatin-metal(loid) transport into vacuoles shows different substrate preferences in barley and Arabidopsis. Plant, Cell & Environment, 37(5):1192-1201.

Buchmann, Jan P; Löytynoja, Ari; Wicker, Thomas; Schulman, Alan H (2014). Analysis of CACTA transposases reveals intron loss as major factor influencing their exon/intron structure in monocotyledonous and eudicotyledonous hosts. Mobile DNA, 5:24.

Shatalina, Margarita; Messmer, Monika; Feuillet, Catherine; Mascher, Fabio; Paux, Etienne; Choulet, Frédéric; Wicker, Thomas; Keller, Beat (2014). High-resolution analysis of a QTL for resistance to Stagonospora nodorum glume blotch in wheat reveals presence of two distinct resistance loci in the target interval. TAG. Theoretical and applied genetics. Theoretische und angewandte Genetik, 127(3):573-586.

Bansal, Urmil; Bariana, Harbans; Wong, Debbie; Randhawa, Mandeep; Wicker, Thomas; Hayden, Matthew; Keller, Beat (2014). Molecular mapping of an adult plant stem rust resistance gene Sr56 in winter wheat cultivar Arina. TAG. Theoretical and applied genetics. Theoretische und angewandte Genetik, 127(6):1441-1448.

Middleton, Christopher P; Senerchia, Natacha; Stein, Nils; Akhunov, Eduard D; Keller, Beat; Wicker, Thomas; Kilian, Benjamin (2014). Sequencing of Chloroplast Genomes from Wheat, Barley, Rye and Their Relatives Provides a Detailed Insight into the Evolution of the Triticeae Tribe. PLoS ONE, 9(3):e85761.

Wang, Muhua; Yu, Yeisoo; Haberer, Georg; Marri, Pradeep Reddy; Fan, Chuanzhu; Goicoechea, Jose Luis; Zuccolo, Andrea; Song, Xiang; Kudrna, Dave; Ammiraju, Jetty S S; Cossu, Rosa Maria; Maldonado, Carlos; Chen, Jinfeng; Lee, Seunghee; Sisneros, Nick; de Baynast, Kristi; Golser, Wolfgang; Wissotski, Marina; Kim, Woojin; Sanchez, Paul; Ndjiondjop, Marie-Noelle; Sanni, Kayode; Long, Manyuan; Carney, Judith; Panaud, Olivier; Wicker, Thomas; Machado, Carlos A; Chen, Mingsheng; Mayer, Klaus F X; Rounsley, Steve; Wing, Rod A (2014). The genome sequence of African rice (Oryza glaberrima) and evidence for independent domestication. Nature Genetics, 46(9):982-988.

Middleton, Christopher P; Stein, Nils; Keller, Beat; Kilian, Benjamin; Wicker, Thomas (2013). Comparative analysis of genome composition in Triticeae reveals strong variation in transposable element dynamics and nucleotide diversity. The Plant Journal, 73(2):347-356.

Breen, James; Wicker, Thomas; Shatalina, Margarita; Frenkel, Zeev; Bertin, Isabelle; Philippe, Romain; Spielmeyer, Wolfgang; Šimková, Hana; Šafář, Jan; Cattonaro, Federica; Scalabrin, Simone; Magni, Federica; Vautrin, Sonia; Bergès, Hélène; Paux, Etienne; Fahima, Tzion; Doležel, Jaroslav; Korol, Abraham; Feuillet, Catherine; Keller, Beat (2013). A physical map of the short arm of wheat chromosome 1A. PLoS ONE, 8(11):e80272.

Grob, Stefan; Schmid, Marc W; Luedtke, Nathan W; Wicker, Thomas; Grossniklaus, Ueli (2013). Characterization of chromosomal architecture in Arabidopsis by chromosome conformation capture. Genome Biology, 14:R129.

Shatalina, Margarita; Wicker, Thomas; Buchmann, Jan P; Oberhaensli, Simone; Simková, Hana; Doležel, Jaroslav; Keller, Beat (2013). Genotype-specific SNP map based on whole chromosome 3B sequence information from wheat cultivars Arina and Forno. Plant biotechnology journal, 11(1):23-32.

Hurni, Severine; Brunner, Susanne; Buchmann, Gabriele; Herren, Gerhard; Jordan, Tina; Krukowski, Patricia; Wicker, Thomas; Yahiaoui, Nabila; Mago, Rohit; Keller, Beat (2013). RyePm8and wheatPm3are orthologous genes and show evolutionary conservation of resistance function against powdery mildew. The Plant Journal, 76(6):957-969.

Raats, Dina; Frenkel, Zeev; Krugman, Tamar; Dodek, Itay; Sela, Hanan; Šimková, Hana; Magni, Federica; Cattonaro, Federica; Vautrin, Sonia; Bergès, Hélène; Wicker, Thomas; Keller, Beat; Leroy, Philippe; Philippe, Romain; Paux, Etienne; Doležel, Jaroslav; Feuillet, Catherine; Korol, Abraham; Fahima, Tzion (2013). The physical map of wheat chromosome 1BS provides insights into its gene space organization and evolution. Genome Biology, 14(12):R138.

Wicker, Thomas; Oberhaensli, Simone; Parlange, Francis; Buchmann, Jan P; Shatalina, Margarita; Roffler, Stefan; Ben-David, Roi; Doležel, Jaroslav; Šimkova, Hana; Schulze-Lefert, Paul; Spanu, Pietro D; Bruggmann, Rémy; Amselem, Joelle; Quesneville, Hadi; van Themaat, Emiel Ver Loren; Paape, Timothy; Shimizu, Kentaro K; Keller, Beat (2013). The wheat powdery mildew genome shows the unique evolution of an obligate biotroph. Nature Genetics, 45(9):1092-1096.

D’Hont, Angélique; Denoeud, France; Aury, Jean-Marc; Baurens, Franc-Christophe; Carreel, Françoise; Garsmeur, Olivier; Noel, Benjamin; Bocs, Stéphanie; Droc, Gaëtan; Rouard, Mathieu; Da Silva, Corinne; Jabbari, Kamel; Cardi, Céline; Poulain, Julie; Souquet, Marlène; Labadie, Karine; Jourda, Cyril; Lengellé, Juliette; Rodier-Goud, Marguerite; Alberti, Adriana; Bernard, Maria; Correa, Margot; Ayyampalayam, Saravanaraj; Mckain, Michael R; Leebens-Mack, Jim; Burgess, Diane; Freeling, Mike; Mbéguié-A-Mbéguié, Didier; Chabannes, Matthieu; Wicker, Thomas; Panaud, Olivier; Barbosa, Jose; Hribova, Eva; Heslop-Harrison, Pat; Habas, Rémy; Rivallan, Ronan; Francois, Philippe; Poiron, Claire; Kilian, Andrzej; Burthia, Dheema; Jenny, Christophe; Bakry, Frédéric; Brown, Spencer; Guignon, Valentin; Kema, Gert; Dita, Miguel; Waalwijk, Cees; Joseph, Steeve; Dievart, Anne; Jaillon, Olivier; Leclercq, Julie; Argout, Xavier; Lyons, Eric; Almeida, Ana; Jeridi, Mouna; Dolezel, Jaroslav; Roux, Nicolas; Risterucci, Ange-Marie; Weissenbach, Jean; Ruiz, Manuel; Glaszmann, Jean-Christophe; Quétier, Francis; Yahiaoui, Nabila; Wincker, Patrick (2012). The banana (Musa acuminata) genome and the evolution of monocotyledonous plants. Nature, 488(7410):213-217.

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Wicker, Thomas; Mayer, K F X; Gundlach, H; Martis, M; Steuernagel, B; Scholz, Uwe; Simková, H; Kubaláková, M; Choulet, F; Taudien, S; Platzer, M; Feuillet, C; Fahima, T; Budak, H; Dolezel, J; Keller, B; Stein, N (2011). Frequent gene movement and pseudogene evolution is common to the large and complex genomes of wheat, barley, and their relatives. The Plant Cell, 23(5):1706-1718.

Wicker, Thomas. Unravelling the mechanisms of genome evolution in plants. 2010, University of Zurich, Faculty of Science.

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