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Borsig, L; Wolf, M J; Roblek, M; Lorentzen, A; Heikenwalder, M (2014). Inflammatory chemokines and metastasis-tracing the accessory. Oncogene, 33(25):3217-3224.

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Wolf, M J; Seleznik, G M; Zeller, N; Heikenwalder, M (2010). The unexpected role of lymphotoxin beta receptor signaling in carcinogenesis: from lymphoid tissue formation to liver and prostate cancer development. Oncogene, 29(36):5006-1508.

Haybaeck, J; Zeller, N; Wolf, M J; Weber, A; Wagner, U; Kurrer, M O; Bremer, J; Iezzi, G; Graf, R; Clavien, P A; Thimme, R; Blum, H; Nedospasov, S A; Zatloukal, K; Ramzan, M; Ciesek, S; Pietschmann, T; Marche, P N; Karin, M; Kopf, M; Browning, J L; Aguzzi, A; Heikenwalder, M (2009). A lymphotoxin-driven pathway to hepatocellular carcinoma. Cancer Cell, 16(4):295-308.

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