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Bauer, David E; Hingsammer, Andreas; Ernstbrunner, Lukas; Aichmair, Alexander; Rosskopf, Andrea B; Eckers, Franziska; Wieser, Karl; Fucentese, Sandro F (2017). Total knee arthroplasty in patients with a history of illicit intravenous drug abuse. International orthopaedics:Epub ahead of print.

Bauer, David Ephraim; Zimmermann, Stefan; Aichmair, Alexander; Hingsammer, Andreas; Schweizer, Andreas; Nagy, Ladislav; F├╝rnstahl, Philipp (2017). Conventional Versus Computer-Assisted Corrective Osteotomy of the Forearm: a Retrospective Analysis of 56 Consecutive Cases. Journal of Hand Surgery, 42(6):447-455.

Aichmair, A; Moser, M; Bauer, M R; Bachmann, E; Snedeker, J G; Betz, M; Farshad, M (2017). Pull-out strength of patient-specific template-guided vs. free-hand fluoroscopically controlled thoracolumbar pedicle screws: a biomechanical analysis of a randomized cadaveric study. European Spine Journal, 26(11):2865-2872.

Aichmair, A; Burgstaller, J M; Schwenkglenks, Matthias; Steurer, J; Porchet, F; Brunner, F; Farshad, M; LSOS Study Group (2017). Cost-effectiveness of conservative versus surgical treatment strategies of lumbar spinal stenosis in the Swiss setting: analysis of the prospective multicenter Lumbar Stenosis Outcome Study (LSOS). European Spine Journal, 26(2):501-509.


Farshad-Amacker, Nadja A; Herzog, Richard J; Hughes, Alexander; Aichmair, Alexander; Farshad, Mazda (2015). Associations between lumbosacral transitional anatomy types and degeneration at the transitional and adjacent segments. The Spine Journal, 15(6):1210-1216.

Farshad-Amacker, Nadja A; Aichmair, Alexander; Herzog, Richard J; Farshad, Mazda (2015). Merits of different anatomical landmarks for correct numbering of the lumbar vertebrae in lumbosacral transitional anomalies. European Spine Journal, 24(3):600-608.


Farshad-Amacker, Nadja A; Hughes, Alexander P; Aichmair, Alexander; Herzog, Richard J; Farshad, Mazda (2014). Determinants of evolution of endplate and disc degeneration in the lumbar spine: a multifactorial perspective. European Spine Journal, 23(9):1863-1868.

Farshad-Amacker, Nadja A; Hughes, Alexander P; Aichmair, Alexander; Herzog, Richard J; Farshad, Mazda (2014). Is an annular tear a predictor for accelerated disc degeneration? European Spine Journal, 23(9):1825-1829.


Farshad, M; Aichmair, A; Hughes, A P; Herzog, R J; Farshad-Amacker, N A (2013). A reliable measurement for identifying a lumbosacral transitional vertebra with a solid bony bridge on a single-slice midsagittal MRI or plain lateral radiograph. Bone & Joint Journal, 95-B(11):1533-1537.

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