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Cooper, Chris E; Schaer, Dominik J; Buehler, Paul W; Wilson, Michael T; Reeder, Brandon J; Silkstone, Gary; Svistunenko, Dimitri A; Bulow, Leif; Alayash, Abdu I (2013). Haptoglobin binding stabilizes Hemoglobin Ferryl Iron and the Globin Radical on Tyrosine β145. Antioxidants & Redox Signaling, 18(17):2264-2273.

Schaer, D J; Buehler, P W; Alayash, A I; Belcher, J D; Vercellotti, G M (2013). Hemolysis and free hemoglobin revisited: exploring hemoglobin and hemin scavengers as a novel class of therapeutic proteins. Blood, 121(8):1276-1284.


Schaer, D J; Alayash, A I (2010). Clearance and control mechanisms of hemoglobin from cradle to grave. Antioxidants and Redox Signaling, 12(2):181-184.


Buehler, P W; Abraham, B; Vallelian, F; Linnemayr, C; Pereira, C P; Cipollo, J F; Jia, Y; Mikolajczyk, M; Boretti, F S; Schoedon, G; Alayash, A I; Schaer, D J (2009). Haptoglobin preserves the CD163 hemoglobin scavenger pathway by shielding hemoglobin from peroxidative modification. Blood, 113(11):2578-2586.

Boretti, F S; Buehler, P W; D'Agnillo, F; Kluge, K; Glaus, T M; Butt, O I; Jia, Y; Goede, J; Pereira, C P; Maggiorini, M; Schoedon, G; Alayash, A I; Schaer, D J (2009). Sequestration of extracellular hemoglobin within a haptoglobin complex decreases its hypertensive and oxidative effects in dogs and guinea pigs. Journal of Clinical Investigation, 119(8):2271-2280.


Buehler, P W; Vallelian, F; Mikolajczyk, M G; Schoedon, G; Schweizer, T; Alayash, A I; Schaer, D J (2008). Structural stabilization in tetrameric or polymeric hemoglobin determines its interaction with endogenous antioxidant scavenger pathways. Antioxidants and Redox Signaling, 10(8):1449-1462.

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