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Zaehle, T; Geiser, E; Alter, K; Jäncke, Lutz; Meyer, Martin (2008). Segmental processing in the human auditory dorsal stream. Brain Research, 1220:179-190.


Meyer, Martin; Baumann, Simon; Wildgruber, Dirk; Alter, Kai (2007). How the brain laughs. Comparative evidence from behavioral, electrophysiological and neuroimaging studies in human and monkey. Behavioural Brain Research, 182(2):245-260.


Meyer, Martin; Zysset, Stefan; von Cramon, D Yves; Alter, Kai (2005). Distinct fMRI responses to laughter, speech, and sounds along the human peri-sylvian cortex. Cognitive Brain Research, 24(2):291-306.


Meyer, Martin; Steinhauer, Karsten; Alter, Kai; Friederici, Angela D; von Cramon, D Yves (2004). Brain activity varies with modulation of dynamic pitch variance in sentence melody. Brain and Language, 89(2):277-289.

Heinke, W; Fiebach, C J; Schwarzbauer, C; Meyer, Martin; Olthoff, D; Alter, K (2004). Sequential effects of propofol on functional brain activation induced by auditory language processing: an event-related functional magnetic resonance imaging study. British Journal of Anaesthesia, 92(5):641-650.


Meyer, Martin; Alter, Kai; Friederici, Angela (2003). Functional MR imaging exposes differential brain responses to syntax and prosody during auditory sentence comprehension. Journal of Neurolinguistics, 16(4-5):277-300.

Kotz, Sonja A; Meyer, Martin; Alter, Kai; Besson, Mireille; von Cramon, D Yves; Friederici, Angela D (2003). On the lateralization of emotional prosody: an event-related functional MR investigation. Brain and Language, 86(3):366-376.


Meyer, Martin; Alter, Kai; Friederici, Angela D; Lohmann, Gabriele; von Cramon, D Yves (2002). FMRI reveals brain regions mediating slow prosodic modulations in spoken sentences. Human Brain Mapping, 17(2):73-88.

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