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Nguyen-Kim, Thi Dan Linh; Sahin, Ayhan; Sündermann, Simon H; Winklehner, Anna; Grünenfelder, Jürg; Emmert, Maximilian Y; Maier, Willibald; Altwegg, Lukas; Frauenfelder, Thomas; Falk, Volkmar; Plass, André (2014). Evaluation of calcium loss after transcatheter aortic valve implantation. Interactive Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery, 18(1):67-72.

Fauchère, Ivan; Weber, Daniela; Maier, Willibald; Altwegg, Lukas; Lüscher, Thomas F; Grünenfelder, Jürg; Nowak, Albina; Tüller, David; Genoni, Michele; Falk, Volkmar; Hermann, Matthias (2014). Rehabilitation after TAVI compared to surgical aortic valve replacement. International Journal of Cardiology, 173(3):564-566.


Ghadri, J R; Jaguszewski, M; Sacron, A; Srikantharupan, S; Pfister, P; Siddique, A; Kaufmann, P A; Wyss, C A; Gämperli, O; Landmesser, U; Altwegg, L; Maier, W; Corti, R; Lüscher, T F; Templin, C (2013). Current outcome of acute coronary syndromes: data from the Zurich-Acute Coronary Syndrome (Z-ACS) Registry. Cardiovascular Medicine, 13(4):115-122.

Stähli, Barbara E; Tasnady, Hanna; Lüscher, Thomas F; Gebhard, Cathérine; Mikulicic, Fran; Erhart, Ladina; Bühler, Ines; Landmesser, Ulf; Altwegg, Lukas; Wischnewsky, Manfred B; Grünenfelder, Jürg; Falk, Volkmar; Corti, Roberto; Maier, Willibald (2013). Early and late mortality in patients undergoing transcatheter aortic valve implantation: Comparison of the Novel EuroScore II with established risk scores. Cardiology, 126(1):15-23.


Stähli, B E; Altwegg, L; Lüscher, T F; Corti, R (2011). Acute myocardial infarction after botulinum toxin injection. QJM, 104(7):615-616.

Gessat, M; Altwegg, L; Frauenfelder, T; Plass, A; Falk, V (2011). Cubic hermite bezier spline based reconstruction of implanted aortic valve stents from CT images. IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society. Conference Proceedings, 2011:2667-2670.

Sürder, D; Altwegg, L; Hürlimann, D; Felix, C; Grünenfelder, J; Corti, R (2011). Percutaneous double valve intervention. European Heart Journal, 32(5):636.

Gessat, M; Frauenfelder, T; Altwegg, L; Grünenfelder, J; Falk, V (2011). Transcatheter aortic valve implantation. Role of imaging. Aswan Heart Centre Science & Practice Series, 2011(1):3.


Wyss, C A; Neidhart, M; Altwegg, L; Spanaus, K S; Yonekawa, K; Wischnewsky, M B; Corti, R; Kucher, N; Roffi, M; Eberli, F R; Amann-Vesti, B; Gay, S; von Eckardstein, Arnold; Lüscher, T F; Maier, W (2010). Cellular actors, Toll-like receptors, and local cytokine profile in acute coronary syndromes. European Heart Journal, 31(12):1457-1469.

Haegeli, Laurent M; Wolber, Thomas; Ercin, Ercüment; Altwegg, Lukas; Krasniqi, Nazmi; Novak, Paul G; Sterns, Laurence D; Brunckhorst, Corinna B; Lüscher, Thomas F; Leather, Richard A; Duru, Firat (2010). Double transseptal puncture for catheter ablation of atrial fibrillation: safety of the technique and its use in the outpatient setting. Cardiology Research and Practice, 2010:295297.


Gygi, D J; Zumstein, P; Grossenbacher, D; Altwegg, L; Lüscher, T F; Gehring, H (2003). Human connective tissue growth factor expressed in Escherichia coli is a non-mitogenic inhibitor of apoptosis. Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications (BBRC), 311(3):685-690.

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