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Ambrosio, Luigi; De Lellis, Camillo; Schmidt, Thomas (2018). Partial regularity for mass-minimizing currents in Hilbert spaces. Journal für die Reine und Angewandte Mathematik, 2018(734):99-144.


Ambrosio, L; Crippa, G; Figalli, A; Spinolo, L V (2011). Existence and uniqueness results for the continuity equation and applications to the chromatography system. In: Bressan, A; Chen, G Q G; Lewicka, M; Wang, D. Nonlinear conservation laws and applications. Proceedings of the summer program, IMA, Minneapolis, MN, USA, July 13-31, 2009. New York, NY, US: Springer, 195-204.


De Lellis, C (2008). A note on Alberti‘s rank-one theorem. In: Ambrosio, L; Crippa, G; De Lellis, C; Otto, F; Westdickenberg, M. Transport Equations and Multi-D Hyperbolic Conservation Laws. Berlin: Springer, 61-74.


Ambrosio, L; De Lellis, C; Malý, J (2007). On the chain rule for the divergence of BV-like vector fields: applications, partial results, open problems. In: Berestycki, H; Bertsch, M; Browder, F E; Nirenberg, L; Peletier, L; Véron, L. Perspectives in nonlinear partial differential equations. Providence, RI: American Mathematical Society, 31-67.


Ambrosio, L; De Lellis, C (2004). A note on admissible solutions of 1D scalar conservation laws and 2D Hamilton-Jacobi equations. Journal of Hyperbolic Differential Equations, 1(4):813-826.

Ambrosio, L; Bouchut, F; De Lellis, C (2004). Well-posedness for a class of hyperbolic systems of conservation laws in several space dimensions. Communications in Partial Differential Equations, 29(9-10):1635-1651.


Ambrosio, L; De Lellis, C (2003). Existence of solutions for a class of hyperbolic systems of conservation laws in several space dimensions. International Mathematics Research Notices, (41):2205-2220.


Ambrosio, L; De Lellis, C; Mantegazza, C (1999). Line energies for gradient vector fields in the plane. Calculus of Variations and Partial Differential Equations, 9(4):327-255.

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