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Avramidou, Maria; Angst, Felix; Angst, Jules; Aeschlimann, André; Rössler, Wulf; Schnyder, Ulrich (2018). Epidemiology of gastrointestinal symptoms in young and middle-aged Swiss adults: prevalences and comorbidities in a longitudinal population cohort over 28 years. BMC Gastroenterology:18:21.


Aeschlimann, Florence A; Angst, Felix; Hofer, Kevin D; Cannizzaro Schneider, Elvira; Schroeder-Kohler, Silke; Lauener, Roger; van der Kleij, Desirée; Rispens, Theo; Saurenmann, Rotraud K (2017). Prevalence of Anti-infliximab Antibodies and Their Associated Co-factors in Children with Refractory Arthritis and/or Uveitis: A Retrospective Longitudinal Cohort Study. Journal of Rheumatology, 44(3):334-341.

Ture, Maria; Angst, Felix; Aeschlimann, André; Renner, Christoph; Schnyder, Ulrich; Zerkiebel, Nic; Perseus, Josef; Barth, Jürgen; Bredell, Marius; Martin-Soelch, Chantal; Walt, Heinrich; Jenewein, Josef (2017). Short-term effectiveness of inpatient cancer rehabilitation: A longitudinal controlled cohort study. Journal of Cancer, 8(10):1717-1725.


Hengartner, Michael P; Angst, Felix; Ajdacic-Gross, Vladeta; Rössler, Wulf; Angst, Jules (2016). Treated versus non-treated subjects with depression from a 30-year cohort study: prevalence and clinical covariates. European Archives of Psychiatry and Clinical Neuroscience, 266(2):173-180.


Higashigaito, Kai; Angst, Florian; Runge, Val M; Alkadhi, Hatem; Donati, Olivio F (2015). Metal Artifact Reduction in Pelvic Computed Tomography With Hip Prostheses: Comparison of Virtual Monoenergetic Extrapolations From Dual-Energy Computed Tomography and an Iterative Metal Artifact Reduction Algorithm in a Phantom Study. Investigative Radiology, 50(12):828-834.

Huggenberger, Kai; Wagner, Stephan; Lehmann, Susanne; Aeschlimann, André; Amann-Vesti, Beatrice; Angst, Felix (2015). Health and quality of life in patients with primary and secondary lymphedema of the lower extremity. Vasa, 44(2):129-137.

Ture, M; Jenewein, J; Angst, F; Aeschlimann, A; Martin-Soelch, C; Schnyder, U; Walt, H (2015). Onkologische Rehabilitation in der Schweiz: Aktuelle Situation und Zukunft. Schweizer Krebsbulletin, (1):21-22.

Ture, M; Barth, J; Angst, F; Aeschlimann, A; Schnyder, U; Zerkiebel, N; Perseus, J; Renner, C; Imesch, P; Fuchs, B; Huber, G F; Walt, H; Martin-Soelch, C; Jenewein, J (2015). Use of inpatient rehabilitation for cancer patients in Switzerland: Who undergoes cancer rehabilitation? Swiss Medical Weekly, 145:w14214.


Angst, Felix; Gantenbein, Andreas R; Lehmann, Susanne; Gysi-Klaus, Françoise; Aeschlimann, André; Michel, Beat A; Hegemann, Frank (2014). Multidimensional associative factors for improvement in pain, function, and working capacity after rehabilitation of whiplash associated disorder: A prognostic, prospective outcome study. BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders, 15:130.

Fuss, Isabelle; Angst, Felix; Lehmann, Susanne; Michel, Beat A; Aeschlimann, André (2014). Prognostic factors for pain relief and functional improvement in chronic pain after inpatient rehabilitation. The Clinical Journal of Pain, 30(4):279-285.


Schöni, Madlaina; Drerup, Susann; Angst, Felix; Kyburz, Diego; Simmen, Beat R; Goldhahn, Jörg (2013). Long-term survival of GSB III elbow prostheses and risk factors for revisions. Archives of Orthopaedic and Trauma Surgery, 133(10):1415-1424.

Angst, Jules; Hengartner, Michael P; Gamma, Alex; Zerssen, Detlev; Angst, Felix (2013). Mortality of 403 patients with mood disorders 48 to 52 years after their psychiatric hospitalisation. European Archives of Psychiatry and Clinical Neuroscience, 263(5):425-434.

Ture, M; Jenewein, J; Angst, F; Aeschlimann, A; Martin-Soelch, C; Schnyder, U; Walt, H (2013). Outcome and effectiveness of cancer rehabilitation in Switzerland: A study protocol. Schweizer Krebsbulletin, 33(2):123 -124.


Scascighini, L; Angst, F; Uebelhart, D; Aeschlimann, A (2008). Translation, transcultural adaptation, reliability and validity of the patient satisfaction questionnaire in german. Physiotherapy, 94(1):43-55.


Turk, Alexander; Angst, Felix; Steffen, Robert (2003). Tuberculosis infection notification in Swiss medical students during their clinical electives. International Journal of Infectious Diseases, 7(4):268-273.

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