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Tuch, Carolin; Teubel, Thomas; La Marca, Roberto; Roos, Lilian; Annen, Hubert; Wyss, Thomas (2017). Physical fitness level affects perception of chronic stress in military trainees. Stress and Health, 33(5):490-497.


Wyss, Thomas; Boesch, Maria; Roos, Lilian; Tschopp, Céline; Frei, Klaus M; Annen, Hubert; La Marca, Roberto (2016). Aerobic Fitness Level Affects Cardiovascular and Salivary Alpha Amylase Responses to Acute Psychosocial Stress. Sports Medicine - Open, 2(1):33.

Merkulova, Natalia; Melchers, Klaus G; Kleinmann, Martin; Annen, Hubert; Szvircsev Tresch, Tibor (2016). A test of the generalizability of a recently suggested conceptual model for assessment center ratings. Human Performance, 29(3):226-250.


Bösch, Maria; Sefidan, Sandra; Annen, Hubert; Ehlert, Ulrike; Roos, Lilian; Van Uum, Stan; Russell, Evan; Koren, Gideon; La Marca, Roberto (2015). Hair cortisol concentration is unaffected by basic military training, but related to sociodemographic and environmental factors. Stress, 18(1):35-41.


Merkulova, Natalia; Melchers, Klaus G; Kleinmann, Martin; Annen, Hubert; Tresch, Tibor Szvircsev (2014). Effects of Individual Differences on Applicant Perceptions of an Operational Assessment Center. International Journal of Selection and Assessment, 22(4):355-370.

Bösch, Maria; Sefidan, Sandra; Ehlert, Ulrike; Annen, Hubert; Wyss, Thomas; Steptoe, Andrew; La Marca, Roberto (2014). Mood and autonomic responses to repeated exposure to the Trier Social Stress Test for Groups (TSST-G). Psychoneuroendocrinology, 43:41-51.


Proyer, Rene T; Annen, H; Eggimann, N; Schneider, A; Ruch, Willibald (2012). Assessing the “good life” in a military context: how does life and work-satisfaction relate to orientations to happiness and career-success among swiss professional officers? Social Indicators Research, 106(3):577-590.


Annen, H; Seiler, S; Jonas, Klaus (2010). Military psychology in Switzerland: a short story with a long history. Swiss Journal of Psychology, 69(2):75-82.

Melchers, K G; Annen, H (2010). Officer selection for the Swiss Armed Forces: an evaluation of validity and fairness issues. Swiss Journal of Psychology, 69(2):105-115.


Fuhrer, Hans Rudolf; Moser, Christian (2006). Wort und Schwert: Fremde Dienste, die päpstliche Schweizergarde und die Reformation in Zürich – ein faszinierendes Spannungsfeld. In: Annen, Hubert; Zwygart, Ulrich. Das Ruder in der Hand : Aspekte der Führung und Ausbildung in Armee, Wirtschaft und Politik : Festschrift für Rudolf Steiger. Frauenfeld: Huber, 15-28.

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