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Brillant, Nathalie; Elmasry, Mohamed; Burton, Neal C; Monne, Josep M; Sharkey, Jack W; Fenwick, Stephen; Poptani, Harish; Kitteringham, Neil R; Goldring, Christopher E; Kipar, Anja; Kevin Park, B; Antoine, Daniel J (2017). Dynamic and accurate assessment of acetaminophen-induced hepatotoxicity by integrated photoacoustic imaging and mechanistic biomarkers in vivo. Toxicology and applied pharmacology, 332:64-74.

Clarke, Joanna I; Forootan, Shiva Seyed; Lea, Jonathan D; Howell, Lawrence S; Rodriguez, Josep Monne; Kipar, Anja; Goldring, Christopher E; Park, B Kevin; Copple, Ian M; Antoine, Daniel J (2017). Circulating levels of miR-122 increase post-mortem, particularly following lethal dosing with pentobarbital sodium: implications for pre-clinical liver injury studies. Toxicology Research, 6(4):406-411.


Lundbäck, Peter; Lea, Jonathan D; Sowinska, Agnieszka; Ottosson, Lars; Fürst, Camilla Melin; Steen, Johanna; Aulin, Cecilia; Clarke, Joanna I; Kipar, Anja; Klevenvall, Lena; Yang, Huan; Palmblad, Karin; Park, B Kevin; Tracey, Kevin J; Blom, Anna M; Andersson, Ulf; Antoine, Daniel J; Erlandsson Harris, Helena (2016). A novel high mobility group box 1 neutralizing chimeric antibody attenuates drug-induced liver injury and postinjury inflammation in mice. Hepatology, 64(5):1699-1710.


Heslop, J A; Hammond, T G; Santeramo, I; Tort Piella, A; Hopp, I; Zhou, J; Baty, R; Graziano, E I; Proto Marco, B; Caron, A; Skold, P; Andrews, P W; Baxter, M A; Hay, D C; Hamdam, J; Sharpe, M E; Patel, S; Jones, D R; Reinhardt, J; Danen, E H J; Ben-David, U; Stacey, G; Bjorquist, P; Piner, J; Mills, J; Rowe, C; Pellegrini, G; Sethu, S; Antoine, D J; Cross, M J; Murray, P; Williams, D P; Kitteringham, N R; Goldring, C E P; Park, B K (2015). Concise review: workshop review: understanding and assessing the risks of stem cell-based therapies. Stem Cells Translational Medicine, 4(4):389-400.

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