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Zingg, Daniel; Arenas-Ramirez, Natalia; Sahin, Dilara; Rosalia, Rodney A; Antunes, Ana T; Haeusel, Jessica; Sommer, Lukas; Boyman, Onur (2017). The Histone Methyltransferase Ezh2 Controls Mechanisms of Adaptive Resistance to Tumor Immunotherapy. Cell Reports, 20(4):854-867.

Spohn, Gunther; Arenas-Ramirez, Natalia; Bouchaud, Gregory; Boyman, Onur (2017). Endogenous polyclonal anti-IL-1 antibody responses potentiate IL-1 activity during pathogenic inflammation. Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, 139(6):1957-1965.e3.


Arenas-Ramirez, Natalia; Zou, Chao; Popp, Simone; Zingg, Daniel; Brannetti, Barbara; Wirth, Emmanuelle; Calzascia, Thomas; Kovarik, Jiri; Sommer, Lukas; Zenke, Gerhard; Woytschak, Janine; Regnier, Catherine H; Katopodis, Andreas; Boyman, Onur (2016). Improved cancer immunotherapy by a CD25-mimobody conferring selectivity to human interleukin-2. Science Translational Medicine, 8(367):367ra166.

Arenas-Ramirez, Natalia. Immunotherapy Using a Novel Agonistic Anti-IL-2 Antibody Combined with Epigenetic Modulation Limits Tumor Immune Escape and Controls Tumor Growth. 2016, University of Zurich, Faculty of Science.

Arenas-Ramirez, Natalia; Boyman, Onur (2016). Interleukin 2. In: Parnham, Michael J. Compendium of Inflammatory Diseases. Basel, Schweiz: Springer Basel, 670-677.


Arenas-Ramirez, Natalia; Woytschak, Janine; Boyman, Onur (2015). Interleukin-2: biology, design and application. Trends in Immunology, 36(12):763-777.

Zingg, Daniel; Debbache, Julien; Schaefer, Simon M; Tuncer, Eylul; Frommel, Sandra C; Cheng, Phil; Arenas-Ramirez, Natalia; Haeusel, Jessica; Zhang, Yudong; Bonalli, Mario; McCabe, Michael T; Creasy, Caretha L; Levesque, Mitchell P; Boyman, Onur; Santoro, Raffaella; Shakhova, Olga; Dummer, Reinhard; Sommer, Lukas (2015). The epigenetic modifier EZH2 controls melanoma growth and metastasis through silencing of distinct tumour suppressors. Nature Communications, 6:6051.


Rosalia, Rodney A; Arenas-Ramirez, Natalia; Bouchaud, Grégory; Raeber, Miro E; Boyman, Onur (2014). Use of enhanced interleukin-2 formulations for improved immunotherapy against cancer. Current Opinion in Chemical Biology, 23C:39-46.

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