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Published electronically before print/final form (Epub ahead of print)

Büel-Drabe, Natalie; Steinert, Hans; Moergeli, Hanspeter; Weidt, Steffi; Seiler, Annina; Jenewein, Josef (2017). Thyroid cancer has a small impact on patient-partner relationships and their frequency of sexual activity. Palliative & Supportive Care:Epub ahead of print.

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Morina, Naser; Kuenburg, Alexa; Schnyder, Ulrich; Bryant, Richard A; Nickerson, Angela; Schick, Matthis (2017). The association of post-traumatic and postmigration stress with pain and other aomatic symptoms: An explorative analysis in traumatized refugees and asylum seekers. Pain Medicine:Epub ahead of print.

Published in final form

Meyer, Martin; Neff, Patrick; Grest, Angelina; Hemsley, Colette; Weidt, Steffi; Kleinjung, Tobias (2017). EEG oscillatory power dissociates between distress- and depression-related psychopathology in subjective tinnitus. Brain Research, 1663:194-204.

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