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Caputo, Maria Luce; Regoli, François; Conte, Giulio; Adjibodou, Boris; Svab, Stefano; Del Bufalo, Alessandro; Moccetti, Tiziano; Curti, Moreno; Klersy, Catherine; Auricchio, Angelo (2017). Temporal trends and long term follow-up of implantable cardioverter defibrillator therapy for secondary prevention: A 15-year single-centre experience. International Journal of Cardiology, 228:31-36.

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Uszko-Lencer, Nicole H M K; Frankenstein, Lutz; Spruit, Martijn A; Maeder, Micha T; Gutmann, Marc; Muzzarelli, Stefano; Osswald, Stefan; Pfisterer, Matthias E; Zugck, Christian; Brunner-La Rocca, Hans-Peter (2017). Predicting hospitalization and mortality in patients with heart failure: The BARDICHE-index. International Journal of Cardiology, 227:901-907.

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Putzu, Alessandro; Belletti, Alessandro; Cassina, Tiziano; Clivio, Sara; Monti, Giacomo; Zangrillo, Alberto; Landoni, Giovanni (2017). Vitamin D and outcomes in adult critically ill patients: a systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized trials. Journal of Critical Care, 38:109-114.


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Altomare, Claudia; Pianezzi, Enea; Cervio, Elisabetta; Bolis, Sara; Biemmi, Vanessa; Benzoni, Patrizia; Camici, Giovanni G; Moccetti, Tiziano; Barile, Lucio; Vassalli, Giuseppe (2016). Human-induced pluripotent stem cell-derived cardiomyocytes from cardiac progenitor cells: effects of selective ion channel blockade. Europace, 18(suppl 4):iv67-iv76.

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Pilgrim, Thomas; Stortecky, Stefan; Nietlispach, Fabian; Heg, Dik; Tueller, David; Toggweiler, Stefan; Ferrari, Enrico; Noble, Stéphane; Maisano, Francesco; Jeger, Raban; Roffi, Marco; Grünenfelder, Jürg; Huber, Christoph; Wenaweser, Peter; Windecker, Stephan (2016). Repositionable versus balloon-expandable devices for transcatheter aortic valve implantation in patients with aortic stenosis. Journal of the American Heart Association, 5(11):1-15.

Porretta, Alessandra Pia; Bianda, Nicola; Di Valentino, Marcello; Segatto, Jeanne Marie; Santini, Paolo; Cattaneo, Mattia; Moccetti, Marco; Limoni, Costanzo; Wyttenbach, Rolf; Gallino, Augusto (2016). A combined "in vivo" noninvasive evaluation of carotid plaques using ultrasonography and high-resolution magnetic resonance - new insight into plaque burden and vulnerability. Vasa, 45(6):471-477.

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Grego, Susanna; Demertzis, Stefanos (2016). La dissezione aortica: un'emergenza cardiochirurgica nel Canton Ticino. Ufficio di statistica - Canton Ticino.

Conte, Giulio; de Asmundis, Carlo; Sieira, Juan; Ciconte, Giuseppe; Di Giovanni, Giacomo; Chierchia, Gian-Battista; Casado-Arroyo, Ruben; Baltogiannis, Giannis; Ströker, Erwin; Irfan, Ghazala; Pappaert, Gudrun; Auricchio, Angelo; Brugada, Pedro (2016). Prevalence and Clinical Impact of Early Repolarization Pattern and QRS-Fragmentation in High-Risk Patients With Brugada Syndrome. Circulation Journal, 80(10):2109-2116.

Schäfer, Ulrich; Maisano, Francesco; Butter, Christian; Franzen, Olaf; Baldus, Stephan; Hausleiter, Jörg; Ussia, Gian Paolo; Sievert, Horst; Geist, Volker; Widder, Julian Daniel; Moccetti, Tiziano; Schillinger, Wolfgang (2016). Impact of Preprocedural Left Ventricular Ejection Fraction on 1-Year Outcomes After MitraClip Implantation (from the ACCESS-EU Phase I, a Prospective, Multicenter, Nonrandomized Postapproval Study of the MitraClip Therapy in Europe). American Journal of Cardiology, 118(6):873-880.

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Auricchio, Angelo; Ellenbogen, Kenneth A (2016). Reducing Ventricular Pacing Frequency in Patients With Atrioventricular Block: Is It Time to Change the Current Pacing Paradigm? Circulation. Arrhythmia and Electrophysiology, 9(9):1-10.

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Guerrero, Mayra; Dvir, Danny; Himbert, Dominique; Urena, Marina; Eleid, Mackram; Wang, Dee Dee; Greenbaum, Adam; Mahadevan, Vaikom S; Holzhey, David; O'Hair, Daniel; Dumonteil, Nicolas; Rodés-Cabau, Josep; Piazza, Nicolo; Palma, Jose H; DeLago, Augustin; Ferrari, Enrico; Witkowski, Adam; Wendler, Olaf; Kornowski, Ran; Martinez-Clark, Pedro; Ciaburri, Daniel; Shemin, Richard; Alnasser, Sami; McAllister, David; Bena, Martin; Kerendi, Faraz; Pavlides, Gregory; Sobrinho, Jose J; Attizzani, Guilherme F; George, Isaac; et al (2016). Transcatheter mitral valve replacement in native mitral valve disease with severe mitral annular calcification: results from the first multicenter global registry. JACC. Cardiovascular interventions, 9(13):1361-1371.

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Sterns, Laurence D; Meine, Mathias; Kurita, Takashi; Meijer, Albert; Auricchio, Angelo; Ando, Kenji; Leng, Charles T; Okumura, Ken; Sapp, John L; Brown, Mark L; Lexcen, Daniel R; Gerritse, Bart; Schloss, Edward J (2016). Extended detection time to reduce shocks is safe in secondary prevention patients: The secondary prevention substudy of PainFree SST. Heart Rhythm, 13(7):1489-1496.

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Gafoor, Sameer; Sievert, Horst; Maisano, Francesco; Baldus, Stephan; Schaefer, Ulrich; Hausleiter, Joerg; Butter, Christian; Ussia, Gian Paolo; Geist, Volker; Widder, Julian D; Moccetti, Tiziano; Schillinger, Wolfgang; Franzen, Olaf (2016). Gender in the ACCESS-EU registry: a prospective, multicentre, non-randomised post-market approval study of MitraClip® therapy in Europe. EuroIntervention, 12(2):257-264.

Pedrazzini, Giovanni; Biasco, Luigi; Sulzer, Irmela; Anesini, Adriana; Moccetti, Tiziano; Kremer Hovinga, Johanna A; Alberio, Lorenzo (2016). Acquired intracoronary ADAMTS13 deficiency and VWF retention at sites of critical coronary stenosis in patients with STEMI. Blood, 127(23):2934-2936.

Sürder, Daniel; Manka, Robert; Moccetti, Tiziano; Lo Cicero, Viviana; Emmert, Maximilian Y; Klersy, Catherine; Soncin, Sabrina; Turchetto, Lucia; Radrizzani, Marina; Zuber, Michel; Windecker, Stephan; Moschovitis, Aris; Bühler, Ines; Kozerke, Sebastian; Erne, Paul; Lüscher, Thomas F; Corti, Roberto (2016). Effect of Bone Marrow-Derived Mononuclear Cell Treatment, Early or Late After Acute Myocardial Infarction: Twelve Months CMR and Long-Term Clinical Results. Circulation Research, 119(3):481-490.

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Cattaneo, Mattia; Moccetti, Marco; Pasotti, Elena; Faletra, Francesco; Porretta, Alessandra P; Kobza, Richard; Gallino, Augusto (2016). Response to Letters Regarding Article, "Three Recurrent Episodes of Apical-Ballooning Takotsubo Cardiomyopathy in a Man". Circulation, 133(19):e656-e656.

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