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Burri, Jan T; Chengzhi, Hu; Shamsudhin, Naveen; Wang, Xueqi; Vogler, Hannes; Grossniklaus, Ueli; Nelson, Bradley J (2016). Dual-axis Cellular Force Microscope for mechanical characterization of living plant cells. In: Automation Science and Engineering (CASE), 2016 IEEE International Conference on, Fort Worth, Texas, 21 August 2016 - 25 August 2016, 942-947.

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Yes, the item has been refereed.

Hu, Chengzhi; Munglani, Gautam; Vogler, Hannes; Ndinyanka Fabrice, Tohnyui; Shamsudhin, Naveen; Wittel, Falk K; Ringli, Christoph; Grossniklaus, Ueli; Herrmann, Hans J; Nelson, Bradley J (2017). Characterization of size-dependent mechanical properties of tip-growing cells using a lab-on-chip device. Lab on a chip, 17(1):82-90.

Shamsudhin, Naveen; Atakan, Huseyin Baris; Laubli, Nino; Vogler, Hannes; Hu, Chengzhi; Sebastian, Abu; Grossniklaus, Ueli; Nelson, Bradley J (2016). Probing the micromechanics of the fastest growing plant cell — The pollen tube. In: Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (EMBC), 2016 IEEE 38th Annual International Conference of the, Lake Buena Vista (Orlando), Florida USA, 16 August 2016 - 20 August 2016, 461-464.

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Tiwari, Neha; Meyer-Schaller, Nathalie; Arnold, Phil; Antoniadis, Helena; Pachkov, Mikhail; van Nimwegen, Erik; Christofori, Gerhard (2013). Klf4 is a transcriptional regulator of genes critical for EMT, including Jnk1 (Mapk8). PLoS ONE, 8(2):e57329.

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