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Accessible ZORA

Accessible websites on ZORA

Since 2004, access for all has been required by Swiss law covering equality for the disabled (Behindertengleichstellungsgesetz - BehiG). ZORA has therefore consistently implemented this requirement.

This means that blind people are able to make good use of the website and can have content read aloud to them by audio output. Visually impaired people are able to display all text and images in any size. Furthermore, the contrast is optimized everywhere for good legibility. People with motor disabilities can navigate the website with alternative input methods or simply by using the keyboard. More and more people with age-related conditions can also benefit from all of these improvements.

Tested according to the highest quality level AA+

ZORA - main pages, single views, search, lists, navigation, content elements, etc. - has been tested for accessibility in a multi-stage process. Various test procedures were used:


Accessibility is guaranteed in ZORA itself. Some content is not part of our accessibility program:

How to use the website

Access and Tab keys facilitate quick access to certain web pages and content via the keyboard. This is of great benefit to users who prefer using the computer keyboard instead of the mouse. ZORA incorporates this quick access and has adopted the access key assignment recommended by the Access for all foundation.

Access keys

How the access keys work in various browsers

Internet Explorer: Alt key + access key number, followed by Enter
Firefox: Alt key + shift key + access key number
Chrome, Safari: Alt key + access key number
Mac OS X:
Safari, Firefox, Chrome: Ctrl key + alt key + access key number