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L'huillier, A G; Ferry, T; Courvoisier, D S; Aebi, C; Cheseaux, J J; Kind, C; Rudin, C; Nadal, D; Hirschel, B; Sottas, C; Siegrist, C A; Posfay-Barbe, K M (2012). Impaired antibody memory to varicella zoster virus in HIV-infected children: low antibody levels and avidity(*). HIV Medicine, 13(1):54-61.

Schlapbach, L J; Agyeman, P; Posfay-Barbe, K; Giannoni, E; Donas, A; Heininger, U; Konetzny, G; Leone, A; Niederer-Loher, A; Wagner, B; Aebi, C; Berger, C (2012). Warum erkranken Kinder an einer bakteriellen Sepsis? Paediatrica, 23(5):20-23.

Agyeman, P; Aebi, C; Hirt, A; Niggli, F K; Nadal, D; Simon, A; Ozsahin, H; Kontny, U; Kühne, T; Beck Popovic, M; Leibundgut, K; Bodmer, N; Ammann, R A (2011). Predicting bacteremia in children with cancer and fever in chemotherapy-induced neutropenia: results of the prospective multicenter SPOG 2003 FN study. The Pediatric Infectious Disease Journal, 30(7):e114-e119.

Ammann, R A; Bodmer, N; Hirt, A; Niggli, F K; Nadal, D; Simon, A; Ozsahin, H; Kontny, U; Kühne, T; Beck Popovic, M; Ridolfi Lüthy, A; Aebi, C (2010). Predicting adverse events in children with fever and chemotherapy-induced neutropenia: the prospective multicenter SPOG 2003 FN study. Journal of Clinical Oncology, 28(12):2008-2014.

Mégevand, C; Gervaix, A; Heininger, U; Berger, C; Aebi, C; Vaudaux, B; Kind, C; Gnehm, H-P; Hitzler, M; Renzi, G; Schrenzel, J; François, P (2010). Molecular epidemiology of the nasal colonization by methicillin-susceptible Staphylococcus aureus in Swiss children. Clinical Microbiology and Infection, 16(9):1414-1420.

Myers, C; Posfay-Barbe, K M; Aebi, C; Cheseaux, J-J; Kind, C; Rudin, C; Nadal, D; Siegrist, C-A (2009). Determinants of vaccine immunity in the cohort of human immunodeficiency virus-infected children living in Switzerland. The Pediatric Infectious Disease Journal, 28(11):996-1001.

Agyeman, P; Desgrandchamps, D; Vaudaux, B; Berger, C; Diana, A; Heininger, U; Siegrist, C A; Aebi, C (2009). Interpretation of primary care physicians' attitude regarding rotavirus immunisation using diffusion of innovation theories. Vaccine, 27(35):4771-4775.

Berger, T M; Aebi, C; Duppenthaler, A; Stocker, M; Lips, U (2009). Prospective population-based study of RSV-related intermediate care and intensive care unit admissions in Switzerland over a 4-year period (2001-2005). Infection, 37(2):109-116.

Datta, F; Erb, T; Heininger, U; Gervaix, A; Schaad, U B; Berger, C; Vaudaux, B; Aebi, C; Hitzler, M; Kind, C; Gnehm, H E; Freire, R (2008). A multicenter, cross-sectional study on the prevalence and risk factors for nasal colonization with Staphylococcus aureus in patients admitted to children's hospitals in Switzerland. Clinical Infectious Diseases, 47(7):923-926.

Girardin, E; Cachat, F; Laube, G F; Laux-End, R; Neuhaus, T J; Parvex, P; Rudin, C; Spartà, G; Von Vigier, R; Aebi, C; Berger, C; Myers, C (2008). Behandlung der Harnwegsinfektionen beim Kind. Paediatrica, (19):17-21.

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