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Villiger, Lukas; Grisch-Chan, Hiu Man; Lindsay, Helen; Ringnalda, Femke; Pogliano, Chiara B; Allegri, Gabriella; Fingerhut, Ralph; Häberle, Johannes; Matos, Joao; Robinson, Mark D; Thöny, Beat; Schwank, Gerald (2018). Treatment of a metabolic liver disease by in vivo genome base editing in adult mice. Nature Medicine, 24(10):1519-1525.

Scherer, Tanja; Allegri, Gabriella; Sarkissian, Christineh N; Ying, Ming; Grisch-Chan, Hiu Man; Rassi, Anahita; Winn, Shelley R; Harding, Cary O; Martinez, Aurora; Thöny, Beat (2018). Tetrahydrobiopterin treatment reduces brain L-Phe but only partially improves serotonin in hyperphenylalaninemic ENU1/2 mice. Journal of Inherited Metabolic Disease, 41(4):709-718.

Soria, Leandro R; Allegri, Gabriella; Melck, Dominique; Pastore, Nunzia; Annunziata, Patrizia; Paris, Debora; Polishchuk, Elena; Nusco, Edoardo; Thöny, Beat; Motta, Andrea; Häberle, Johannes; Ballabio, Andrea; Brunetti-Pierri, Nicola (2018). Enhancement of hepatic autophagy increases ureagenesis and protects against hyperammonemia. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 115(2):391-396.

Grisch-Chan, Hiu Man; Schlegel, Andrea; Scherer, Tanja; Allegri, Gabriella; Heidelberger, Raphael; Tsikrika, Panagiota; Schmeer, Marco; Schleef, Martin; Harding, Cary O; Häberle, Johannes; Thöny, Beat (2017). Low-dose gene therapy for murine PKU using episomal naked DNA vectors expressing PAH from Its endogenous liver promoter. Molecular Therapy - Nucleic Acids, 7:339-349.

Allegri, Gabriella; Deplazes, Sereina; Grisch-Chan, Hiu Man; Mathis, Déborah; Fingerhut, Ralph; Häberle, Johannes; Thöny, Beat (2017). A simple dried blood spot-method for in vivo measurement of ureagenesis by gas chromatography–mass spectrometry using stable isotopes. Clinica Chimica Acta, 464:236-243.

Korner, Germaine; Noain, Daniela; Ying, Ming; Hole, Magnus; Flydal, Marte I; Scherer, Tanja; Allegri, Gabriella; Rassi, Anahita; Fingerhut, Ralph; Becu-Villalobos, Damasia; Pillai, Samyuktha; Wueest, Stephan; Konrad, Daniel; Lauber-Biason, Anna; Baumann, Christian R; Bindoff, Laurence A; Martinez, Aurora; Thöny, Beat (2015). Brain catecholamine depletion and motor impairment in a Th knock-in mouse with type B tyrosine hydroxylase deficiency. Brain, 138(10):2948-2963.

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