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King, Stephanie L; Friedman, Whitney R; Allen, Simon J; Gerber, Livia; Jensen, Frants H; Wittwer, Samuel; Connor, Richard C; Krützen, Michael (2018). Bottlenose Dolphins Retain Individual Vocal Labels in Multi-level Alliances. Current Biology, 28(12):1993-1999.e3.

Connor, Richard C; Cioffi, William R; Randić, Srđan; Allen, Simon J; Watson-Capps, Jana; Krützen, Michael (2017). Male alliance behaviour and mating access varies with habitat in a dolphin social network. Scientific Reports, 7:46354.

Rankin, Robert W; Nicholson, Krista E; Allen, Simon J; Krützen, Michael; Bejder, Lars; Pollock, Kenneth H (2016). A Full-Capture Hierarchical Bayesian Model of Pollock's Closed Robust Design and Application to Dolphins. Frontiers in Marine Science:3:25.

Allen, Simon J; Bryant, Kate A; Kraus, Robert H S; Loneragan, Neil R; Kopps, Anna M; Brown, Alexander M; Gerber, Livia; Krützen, Michael (2016). Genetic isolation between coastal and fishery-impacted, offshore bottlenose dolphin (Tursiopsspp.) populations. Molecular Ecology, 25(12):2735-2753.

Kopps, Anna M; Krützen, Michael; Allen, Simon J; Bacher, Kathrin; Sherwin, William B (2014). Characterizing the socially transmitted foraging tactic “sponging” by bottlenose dolphins (Tursiopssp.) in the western gulf of Shark Bay, Western Australia. Marine Mammal Science, 30(3):847-863.

Kopps, Anna M; Ackermann, Corinne Y; Sherwin, William B; Allen, Simon J; Bejder, Lars; Krützen, Michael (2014). Cultural transmission of tool use combined with habitat specializations leads to fine-scale genetic structure in bottlenose dolphins. Proceedings of the Royal Society of London, Series B: Biological Sciences, 281(1782):20133245.

Nicholson, Krista; Bejder, Lars; Allen, Simon J; Krützen, Michael; Pollock, Kenneth H (2012). Abundance, survival and temporary emigration of bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops sp.) off Useless Loop in the western gulf of Shark Bay, Western Australia. Marine and Freshwater Research, 63(11):1059-1068.

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