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Allen, Simon K; Ballesteros-Canovas, Juan; Randhawa, Surjeet S; Singha, Ashok Kumar; Huggel, Christian; Stoffel, Markus (2018). Translating the concept of climate risk into an assessment framework to inform adaptation planning: Insights from a pilot study of flood risk in Himachal Pradesh, Northern India. Environmental Science & Policy, 87:1-10.

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Muccione, Veruska; Allen, Simon K; Huggel, Christian; Birkmann, Joern (2017). Differentiating regions for adaptation financing: the role of global vulnerability and risk distributions. Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews: Climate Change, 8(2):e447.

Allen, Simon K; Linsbauer, Andreas; Huggel, Christian; Randhawa, S S; Schaub, Yvonne; Stoffel, Markus (2016). Current and future glacial lake outburst flood hazard: application of GIS based modeling in Himachal Pradesh, India. In: Singh, R B; Schickhoff, Udo; Mal, Suraj. Dynamics of climate, glaciers and vegetation in Himalaya: contribution towards future earth initiatives. Cham: Springer, 181-203.

Allen, Simon K; Linsbauer, Andreas; Randhawa, S S; Huggel, Christian; Rana, Pooja; Kumari, A (2016). Glacial lake outburst flood risk in Himachal Pradesh, India: an integrative and anticipatory approach considering current and future threats. Natural Hazard, 84(3):1741-1763.

Vaughan, David G; Comiso, Josefino; Allison, Ian; Carrasco, Jorge; Kaser, Georg; Kwok, Ronald; Mote, Philip; Murray, Tavi; Paul, Frank; Ren, Jiawen; Rignot, Eric; Solomina, Olga; Steffen, Konrad; Zhang, Tingjun (2014). Observations: Cryosphere. In: Stocker, Thomas F; Qin, Dahe; Plattner, Gian-Kasper; Tignor, Melinda M B; Allen, Simon K; Boschung, Judith; Nauels, Alexander; Xia, Yu; Bex, Vincent; Midgley, Pauline M. Climate change 2013. The physical science basis. Working group I Contribution to the fifth assessment report of the intergovernmental panel on climate change. Cambrige: Cambridge University Press, 317-382.

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