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Teloni, Federico; Michelena, Jone; Lezaja, Aleksandra; Kilic, Sinan; Ambrosi, Christina; Menon, Shruti; Dobrovolna, Jana; Imhof, Ralph; Janscak, Pavel; Baubec, Tuncay; Altmeyer, Matthias (2019). Efficient pre-mRNA cleavage prevents replication-stress-associated genome instability. Molecular Cell, 73(4):670-683.e12.

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Przetocka, Sara; Porro, Antonio; Bolck, Hella A; Walker, Christina; Lezaja, Aleksandra; Trenner, Anika; von Aesch, Christine; Himmels, Sarah-Felicitas; D’Andrea, Alan D; Ceccaldi, Raphael; Altmeyer, Matthias; Sartori, Alessandro A (2018). CtIP-mediated fork protection synergizes with BRCA1 to suppress genomic instability upon DNA replication stress. Molecular Cell, 72(3):568-582.e6.

Michelena, Jone; Lezaja, Aleksandra; Teloni, Federico; Schmid, Thomas; Imhof, Ralph; Altmeyer, Matthias (2018). Analysis of PARP inhibitor toxicity by multidimensional fluorescence microscopy reveals mechanisms of sensitivity and resistance. Nature Communications, 9(1):2678.

Altmeyer, Matthias (2018). The memory remains. Aging:1-2.

Lezaja, Aleksandra; Altmeyer, Matthias (2018). Inherited DNA lesions determine G1 duration in the next cell cycle. Cell Cycle, 17(1):24-32.

Bosshard, Matthias; Aprigliano, Rossana; Gattiker, Cristina; Palibrk, Vuk; Markkanen, Enni; Hoff Backe, Paul; Pellegrino, Stefania; Raymond, F. Lucy; Froyen, Guy; Altmeyer, Matthias; Bjørås, Magnar; Dianov, Grigory L; van Loon, Barbara (2017). Impaired oxidative stress response characterizes HUWE1-promoted X-linked intellectual disability. Scientific Reports, 7(1):15050.

Michelena, Jone; Altmeyer, Matthias (2017). Cell cycle resolved measurements of poly(ADP-ribose) formation and DNA damage signaling by quantitative image-based cytometry. In: Tulin, Alexei V.. Poly(ADP-Ribose) Polymerase. New York: Springer, 57-68.

Duda, Heike; Arter, Meret; Gloggnitzer, Jiradet; Teloni, Federico; Wild, Philipp; Blanco, Miguel G; Altmeyer, Matthias; Matos, Joao (2017). Correction: A mechanism for controlled breakage of under-replicated chromosomes during mitosis. Developmental Cell, 40(4):421-422.

Pellegrino, Stefania; Michelena, Jone; Teloni, Federico; Imhof, Ralph; Altmeyer, Matthias (2017). Replication-coupled dilution of H4K20me2 guides 53BP1 to pre-replicative chromatin. Cell Reports, 19(9):1819-1831.

Aguzzi, Adriano; Altmeyer, Matthias (2016). Phase separation: linking cellular compartmentalization to disease. Trends in Cell Biology, 26(7):547-558.

Ochs, Fena; Somyajit, Kumar; Altmeyer, Matthias; Rask, Maj-Britt; Lukas, Jiri; Lukas, Claudia (2016). 53BP1 fosters fidelity of homology-directed DNA repair. Nature Structural & Molecular Biology, 23(8):714-721.

Duda, Heike; Arter, Meret; Gloggnitzer, Jiradet; Teloni, Federico; Wild, Philipp; Blanco, Miguel G; Altmeyer, Matthias; Matos, Joao (2016). A mechanism for controlled breakage of under-replicated chromosomes during mitosis. Developmental Cell, 39(6):740-755.

Ahuja, Akshay K; Jodkowska, Karolina; Teloni, Federico; Bizard, Anna H; Zellweger, Ralph; Herrador, Raquel; Ortega, Sagrario; Hickson, Ian D; Altmeyer, Matthias; Mendez, Juan; Lopes, Massimo (2016). A short G1 phase imposes constitutive replication stress and fork remodelling in mouse embryonic stem cells. Nature Communications, 7:10660-10671.

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Andersson, Anneli; Bluwstein, Andrej; Kumar, Nitin; Teloni, Federico; Traenkle, Jens; Baudis, Michael; Altmeyer, Matthias; Hottiger, Michael O (2016). PKCα and HMGB1 antagonistically control hydrogen peroxide-induced poly-ADP-ribose formation. Nucleic Acids Research, 44(16):7630-7645.

Larsen, Dorthe H; Hari, Flurina; Clapperton, Julie A; Gwerder, Myriam; Gutsche, Katrin; Altmeyer, Matthias; Jungmichel, Stephanie; Toledo, Luis I; Fink, Daniel; Rask, Maj-Britt; Grøfte, Merete; Lukas, Claudia; Nielsen, Michael L; Smerdon, Stephen J; Lukas, Jiri; Stucki, Manuel (2014). The NBS1-Treacle complex controls ribosomal RNA transcription in response to DNA damage. Nature Cell Biology, 16(8):792-803.

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Altmeyer, Matthias. Mechanism of poly(ADP-ribose) formation and the role of PARP1 in inflammation. 2010, University of Zurich, Faculty of Science.

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