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Frick, Martina; Baumann, Frederic; Sick, Beate; Wilkinson, Ian B; Amann-Vesti, Beatrice; Husmann, Marc (2018). Sensitivities of in vivo markers of arterial organ damage in patients with peripheral atherosclerosis. Vasa, 47(1):30-35.

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Belch, Jill; et al; Amann-Vesti, Beatrice (2017). ESVM guidelines - the diagnosis and management of Raynaud's phenomenon. Vasa, 46(6):413-423.

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Johner, Fabian; Clemens, Robert; Husmann, Marc; Thalhammer, Christoph; Seifert, Burkhardt; Amann-Vesti, Beatrice (2016). Long-term follow-up after endovascular revascularisation for acute limb ischaemia - a retrospective single-centre cohort. Vasa, 45(3):247-252.

Catalano, Mariella; Poredos, Pavel; Brodmann, Marianne; Wautrecht, Jean C; Carpentier, Patrick; Roztocil, Karel; Nikol, Sigrid; Dimakakos, Evangelos P; Marakomichelakis, George E; Pecsvarady, Zsolt; Carlizza, Anita; Sieron, Aleksander; Stanek, Agata; Olinic, Dan; Stvrtinova, Viera; Kozak, Matija; Agewall, Stefan; Amann-Vesti, Beatrice; Gallino, Augusto; Fitzgerald, Patricia; Colgan, Mary P (2016). UEMS training requirements for angiology/vascular medicine european standards of postgraduate medical specialist training (ETR Document). International angiology : a journal of the International Union of Angiology, 35(2):217-231.

Huggenberger, Kai; Wagner, Stephan; Lehmann, Susanne; Aeschlimann, André; Amann-Vesti, Beatrice; Angst, Felix (2015). Health and quality of life in patients with primary and secondary lymphedema of the lower extremity. Vasa, 44(2):129-137.

Beckmann, Marianne; Jacomella, Vincenzo; Kohler, Malcom; Lachat, Mario L; Salem, Amr; Amann-Vesti, Beatrice; Husmann, Marc (2015). Risk stratification of patients with peripheral arterial disease and abdominal aortic aneurysm using aortic augmentation index. PLoS ONE, 10(10):e0139887.

Gallino, Augusto; Aboyans, Victor; Diehm, Curt; Cosentino, Francesco; Stricker, Hans; Falk, Erling; Schouten, Olaf; Lekakis, John; Amann-Vesti, Beatrice; Siclari, Francesco; Poredos, Pavel; Novo, Salvatore; Brodmann, Marianne; Schulte, Karl-Ludwig; Vlachopoulos, Charalambos; De Caterina, Raffaele; Libby, Peter; Baumgartner, Iris (2014). Non-coronary atherosclerosis. European Heart Journal, 35(17):1112-1119.

Pecoraro, Felice; Rancic, Zoran; Lachat, Mario L; Mayer, Dieter; Amann-Vesti, Beatrice; Pfammatter, Thomas; Bajardi, Guido; Veith, Frank J (2013). Chronic Mesenteric Ischemia: Critical review and guidelines for management. Annals of Vascular Surgery, 27(1):113-122.

Johner, Fabian; Thalhammer, Christoph; Jacomella, Vincenzo; Husmann, Marc; Amann-Vesti, Beatrice (2013). Differences in Cardiovascular Risk Factors Between Patients With Acute Limb Ischemia and Intermittent Claudication. Angiology, 65(6):497-500.

Gerber, Philipp A; Thalhammer, Christoph; Schmied, Christian; Spring, Silviana; Amann-Vesti, Beatrice; Spinas, Giatgen A; Berneis, Kaspar (2013). Small, Dense LDL Particles Predict Changes in Intima Media Thickness and Insulin Resistance in Men with Type 2 Diabetes and Prediabetes - A Prospective Cohort Study. PLoS ONE, 8(8):e72763.

Cooksley-Decasper, Seraina; Reiser, Hans; Thommen, Daniela S; Biedermann, Barbara; Neidhart, Michel; Gawinecka, Joanna; Cathomas, Gieri; Franzeck, Fabian C; Wyss, Christophe; Klingenberg, Roland; Nanni, Paolo; Roschitzki, Bernd; Matter, Christian; Wolint, Petra; Emmert, Maximilian Y; Husmann, Marc; Amann-Vesti, Beatrice; Maier, Wilibald; Gay, Steffen; Lüscher, Thomas F; von Eckardstein, Arnold; Hof, Danielle (2012). Antibody phage display assisted identification of junction plakoglobin as a potential biomarker for atherosclerosis. PLoS ONE, 7(10):e47985.

Schumacher, Anette; Jacomella, Vincenzo; Stüssi, Georg; Amann-Vesti, Beatrice; Corti, Natascia; Marc Husmann, And (2012). Castleman's disease and arterial thrombosis: result of excessively elevated interleukin-6 plasma level? Vasa, 41(2):145-148.

Spirk, David; Husmann, Marc; Hayoz, Daniel; Baldi, Thomas; Frauchiger, Beat; Engelberger, Rolf; Amann-Vesti, Beatrice; Baumgartner, Iris; Kucher, Nils (2012). Predictors of in-hospital mortality in elderly patients with acute venous thrombo-embolism: the SWIss Venous ThromboEmbolism Registry (SWIVTER). European Heart Journal, 33(7):921-926.

Clemens, Robert K J; Meier, Thomas O; Pfiffner, Roger; Hafner, Jürg; Amann-Vesti, Beatrice (2012). Sclerotherapy of lymphatic cysts of the leg with OK-432. Vasa, 41(2):149-153.

Mosimann, Kathrin; Jacomella, Vincenzo; Thalhammer, Christoph; Meier, Thomas O; Kohler, Malcolm; Amann-Vesti, Beatrice; Husmann, Marc (2012). Severity of peripheral arterial disease is associated with aortic pressure augmentation and subendocardial viability ratio. Journal of Clinical Hypertension, 14(12):855-860.

Selzner, Nazia; Selzner, Markus; Jochum, Wolfram; Amann-Vesti, Beatrice; Graf, Rolf; Clavien, Pierre-Alain (2006). Mouse livers with macrosteatosis are more susceptible to normothermic ischemic injury than those with microsteatosis. Journal of Hepatology, 44(4):694-701.

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