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Sonuga-Barke, E J S; Kumsta, R; Schlotz, W; Lasky-Su, J; Marco, R; Miranda, A; Mulas, F; Oades, R D; Banaschewski, T; Mueller, U; Andreou, P; Christiansen, H; Gabriels, I; Uebel, H; Kuntsi, J; Franke, B; Buitelaar, J; Ebstein, R; Gill, M; Anney, R; Roeyers, H; Rothenberger, A; Sergeant, J; Steinhausen, H C; Asherson, P; Faraone, S V (2011). A functional variant of the serotonin transporter gene (SLC6A4) moderates impulsive choice in attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder boys and siblings. Biological Psychiatry, 70(3):230-236.

Kuntsi, J; Wood, A C; Rijsdijk, F; Johnson, K A; Andreou, P; Albrecht, B; Arias-Vásquez, A; Buitelaar, J K; McLoughlin, G; Rommelse, N N J; Sergeant, J A; Sonuga-Barke, E J; Uebel, H; van der Meere, J J; Banaschewski, T; Gill, M; Manor, I; Miranda, A; Mulas, F; Oades, R D; Roeyers, H; Rothenberger, A; Steinhausen, H C; Faraone, S V; Asherson, P (2010). Separation of cognitive impairments in attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder into 2 familial factors. Archives of General Psychiatry, 67(11):1159-1167.

Marco, R; Miranda, A; Schlotz, W; Meliá, A; Mulligan, A; Müller, U; Andreou, P; Butler, L; Christiansen, H; Gabriels, I; Medad, S; Albrecht, B; Uebel, H; Asherson, P; Banaschewski, T; Gill, M; Kuntsi, J; Mulas, F; Oades, R D; Roeyers, H; Steinhausen, H C; Rothenberger, A; Faraone, S V; Sonuga-Barke, E (2009). Delay and reward choice in ADHD: An experimental test of the role of delay aversion. Neuropsychology, 23(3):367-380.

Chen, W; Zhou, K; Sham, P; Franke, B; Kuntsi, J; Campbell, D; Fleischman, K; Knight, J; Andreou, P; Arnold, R; Altink, M; Boer, F; Boholst, M J; Buschgens, C; Butler, L; Christiansen, H; Fliers, E; Howe-Forbes, R; Gabriëls, I; Heise, A; Korn-Lubetzki, I; Marco, R; Medad, S; Minderaa, R; Müller, U C; Mulligan, A; Psychogiou, L; Rommelse, N; Sethna, V; Uebel, H; McGuffin, P; Plomin, R; Banaschewski, T; Buitelaar, J; Ebstein, R; Eisenberg, J; Gill, M; Manor, I; Miranda, A; Mulas, F; Oades, R D; Roeyers, H; Rothenberger, A; Sergeant, J; Sonuga-Barke, E; Steinhausen, H C; Taylor, E; Thompson, M; Faraone, S V; Asherson, P (2008). DSM-IV combined type ADHD shows familial association with sibling trait scores: A sampling strategy for QTL linkage. American Journal of Medical Genetics. Part B, 147B(8):1450-1460.

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