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Yakimovich, Artur; Witte, Robert; Andriasyan, Vardan; Georgi, Fanny; Greber, Urs F (2018). Label-Free Digital Holo-tomographic Microscopy Reveals Virus-Induced Cytopathic Effects in Live Cells. mSphere, 3(6):e00599-18.

Witte, Robert; Andriasyan, Vardan; Georgi, Fanny; Yakimovich, Artur; Greber, Urs F (2018). Concepts in Light Microscopy of Viruses. Viruses, 10(4):E202.

Andriasyan, Vardan. Quantitative and predictive analyses of adenovirus egress from infected cells based on live cell imaging and machine learning. 2018, University of Zurich, Faculty of Science.

Yakimovich, Artur; Andriasyan, Vardan; Witte, Robert; Wang, I-Hsuan; Prasad, Vibhu; Suomalainen, Maarit; Greber, Urs F (2015). Plaque2.0-A high-throughput analysis framework to score virus-cell transmission and clonal cell expansion. PLoS ONE, 10(9):e0138760.

Prasad, Vibhu; Suomalainen, Maarit; Pennauer, Mirjam; Yakimovich, Artur; Andriasyan, Vardan; Hemmi, Silvio; Greber, Urs F (2014). Chemical induction of unfolded protein response enhances cancer cell killing through lytic virus infection. Journal of Virology, 88(22):13086-13098.

Wagner, Andreas; Andriasyan, Vardan; Barve, Aditya (2014). The organization of metabolic genotype space facilitates adaptive evolution in nitrogen metabolism. Journal of Molecular Biochemistry, 3:2-13.

Wang, I-Hsuan; Suomalainen, Maarit; Andriasyan, Vardan; Kilcher, Samuel; Mercer, Jason; Neef, Anne; Luedtke, Nathan W; Greber, Urs F (2013). Tracking viral genomes in host cells at single-molecule resolution. Cell Host & Microbe, 14(4):468-480.

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