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Engen, Steinar; Saether, Bernt-Erik; Armitage, Kenneth B; Blumstein, Daniel T; Clutton-Brock, Tim H; Dobson, F Stephen; Festa-Bianchet, Marco; Oli, Madan K; Ozgul, Arpat (2013). Estimating the effect of temporally autocorrelated environments on the demography of density-independent age-structured populations. Methods in Ecology and Evolution, 4(6):573-584.

Sæther, Bernt-Erik; Coulson, Tim; Grøtan, Vidar; Engen, Steinar; Altwegg, Res; Armitage, Kenneth B; Barbraud, Christophe; Becker, Peter H; Blumstein, Daniel T; Dobson, F Stephen; Festa-Bianchet, Marco; Gaillard, Jean-Michel; Jenkins, Andrew; Jones, Carl; Nicoll, Malcolm A C; Norris, Ken; Oli, Madan K; Ozgul, Arpat; Weimerskirch, Henri (2013). How Life History Influences Population Dynamics in Fluctuating Environments. The American Naturalist, 182(6):743-759.

Armitage, Kenneth B; Van Vuren, Dirk H; Ozgul, Arpat; Oli, Madan K (2011). Proximate causes of natal dispersal in female yellow-bellied marmots, Marmota flaviventris. Ecology, 92(1):218-227.

Ozgul, Arpat; Childs, Dylan Z; Oli, Madan K; Armitage, Kenneth B; Blumstein, Daniel T; Olson, Lucretia E; Tuljapurkar, Shripad; Coulson, Tim (2010). Coupled dynamics of body mass and population growth in response to environmental change. Nature, 466:482-485.

Ozgul, Arpat; Oli, Madan K; Armitage, Kenneth B; Blumstein, Daniel T; Van Vuren, Dirk H (2009). Influence of local demography on asymptotic and transient dynamics of a yellow-bellied marmot metapopulation. The American Naturalist, 173(4):517-530.

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