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Bächinger, David; Egli, Hannes; Goosmann, Madeline M; Monge Naldi, Arianne; Eckhard, Andreas H (2019). Immunolocalization of calcium sensing and transport proteins in the murine endolymphatic sac indicates calciostatic functions within the inner ear. Cell and Tissue Research:Epub ahead of print.

Horvath, Lukas; Bächinger, David; Honegger, Tim; Bodmer, Daniel; Monge Naldi, Arianne (2019). Functional and morphological analysis of different aminoglycoside treatment regimens inducing hearing loss in mice. Experimental and Therapeutic Medicine, 18(2):1123-1130.

Bächinger, David; Röösli, Christof; Kesterke, Rahel; Dalbert, Adrian; Péus, Dominik; Veraguth, Dorothe; Pfiffner, Flurin; Huber, Alexander M. (2019). Distorted sound perception and subjective benefit after stapedotomy – a prospective single-centre study. International Journal of Audiology, 58(6):333-338.

Bächinger, David; Luu, Ngoc-Nhi; Kempfle, Judith S; Barber, Samuel; Zürrer, Daniel; Lee, Daniel J; Curtin, Hugh D; Rauch, Steven D; Nadol, Joseph B; Adams, Joe C; Eckhard, Andreas H (2019). Vestibular Aqueduct Morphology Correlates With Endolymphatic Sac Pathologies in Menièreʼs Disease—A Correlative Histology and Computed Tomography Study. Otology & Neurotology, 40(5):e548-e555.

Chatzimichalis, Michail; Epprecht, Lorenz; Weder, Stefan; Shaul, Chanan; Engle Folchert, Kristi J; Machala, Maria C; Goosmann, Madeline M; Naville, Marc; Zhu, Angela; Röösli, Christof; Lee, Daniel J; Cass, Stephen P; Briggs, Robert; Huber, Alexander M; Bächinger, David (2019). English translation and validation of the Zurich chronic middle ear inventory (ZCMEI-21-E) assessing quality of life in chronic otitis media: A prospective international multicentre study. Clinical Otolaryngology, 44(3):254-262.

Bächinger, David; Goosmann, Madeline M; Schuknecht, Bernhard; Nadol, Joseph B; Adams, Joe C; Huber, Alexander; Eckhard, Andreas H (2019). Clinical Imaging Findings of Vestibular Aqueduct Trauma in a Patient With Posttraumatic Meniere's Syndrome. Frontiers in Neurology, 10:431.

Bächinger, David; Brühlmann, Catrin; Honegger, Tim; Michalopoulou, Eleftheria; Monge Naldi, Arianne; Wettstein, Vincent G; Muff, Stefanie; Schuknecht, Bernhard; Eckhard, Andreas H (2019). Endotype-Phenotype Patterns in Meniere's Disease Based on Gadolinium-Enhanced MRI of the Vestibular Aqueduct. Frontiers in Neurology, 10:303.

Ralli, Massimo; Quaranta, Nicola; Canale, Andrea; Röösli, Christof; Milella, Claudia; De Robertis, Valentina; De Soccio, Giulia; Greco, Antonio; Ralli, Giovanni; Albera, Roberto; de Vincentiis, Marco; Huber, Alexander M; Bächinger, David (2019). Cross-cultural Adaption and Validation of the Zurich Chronic Middle Ear Inventory Translated Into Italian (ZCMEI-21-It)—a Prospective Multicenter Study. Otology & Neurotology, 40(3):351-358.

Bächinger, David; Takagi, Daiki; Yamada, Hiroyuki; Teraoka, Masato; Okada, Masahiro; Hyodo, Jun; Röösli, Christof; Huber, Alexander M; Hato, Naohito (2019). Japanese translation, cross-cultural adaption and multicentre validation of the Zurich chronic middle ear inventory (ZCMEI-21-Jap). Auris, nasus, larynx, 46(1):18-23.

Bächinger, David; Horvath, Lukas; Eckhard, Andreas; Goosmann, Madeline M; Honegger, Tim; Gassmann, Max; Vogel, Johannes; Naldi, Arianne Monge (2018). Neuronal erythropoietin overexpression is protective against kanamycin-induced hearing loss in mice. Toxicology Letters, 291:121-128.

Bächinger, David; Röösli, Christof; Ditzen, Beate; Huber, Alexander M (2016). Development and validation of the Zurich chronic middle ear inventory (ZCMEI-21): an electronic questionnaire for assessing quality of life in patients with chronic otitis media. European Archives of Oto-Rhino-Laryngology, 273(10):3073-3081.

Bächinger, David; Bolliger, Stephan; Huber, Gerhard F; Laske, Roman D (2015). Ballistic reconstruction of a migrating bullet in the parapharyngeal space. Case Reports in Otolaryngology, 2015:1-5.

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