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Blassnig, Sina; Ernst, Nicole; Büchel, Florin; Engesser, Sven; Esser, Frank (2019). Populism in Online Election Coverage : analyzing populist statements by politicians, journalists, and readers in three countries. Journalism Studies, 20(8):1110-1129.

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Blassnig, Sina; Ernst, Nicole; Büchel, Florin; Engesser, Sven (2018). Populist communication in talk shows and social media: a comparative content analysis in four countries. Studies in Communication - Media (SCM), 7(3):338-363.

Ernst, Nicole; Engesser, Sven; Büchel, Florin; Blassnig, Sina; Esser, Frank (2017). Extreme parties and populism: an analysis of Facebook and Twitter across six countries. Information, Communication and Society, 20(9):1347-1364.

Engesser, Sven; Ernst, Nicole; Esser, Frank; Büchel, Florin (2017). Populism and social media: how politicians spread a fragmented ideology. Information, Communication and Society, 20(8):1109-1126.

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Wirth, Werner; Esser, Frank; Wettstein, Martin; Engesser, Sven; Wirz, Dominique; Schulz, Anne; Ernst, Nicole; Büchel, Florin; Caramani, Daniele; Manucci, Luca; Steenbergen, Marco R; Bernhard, Laurent; Weber, Edward; Hänggli, Regula; Dalmus, Caroline; Schemer, Christian; Müller, Philipp (2016). The appeal of populist ideas, strategies, and styles: A theoretical model and research design for analyzing populist political communication. NCCR democracy Working Paper series 88, University of Zurich.

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