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Fettelschoss-Gabriel, Antonia; Fettelschoss, Victoria; Olomski, Florian; Birkmann, Katharina; Thoms, Franziska; Bühler, Maya; Kummer, Martin; Zeltins, Andris; Kündig, Thomas M; Bachmann, Martin F (2019). Active vaccination against interleukin-5 as long-term treatment for insect-bite hypersensitivity in horses. Allergy, 74(3):572-582.

Fettelschoss-Gabriel, Antonia; Fettelschoss, Victoria; Thoms, Franziska; Giese, Christoph; Daniel, Michelle; Olomski, Florian; Kamarachev, Jivko; Birkmann, Katharina; Bühler, Maya; Kummer, Martin; Zeltins, Andris; Marti, Eliane; Kündig, Thomas M; Bachmann, Martin F (2018). Treating insect-bite hypersensitivity in horses with active vaccination against IL-5. Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, 142(4):1194-1205.e3.

Bachmann, Martin F; Zeltins, Andris; Kalnins, Gints; Balke, Ina; Fischer, Nina M; Rostaher, Ana; Tars, Kaspars; Favrot, C (2018). Vaccination against IL-31 for the treatment of atopic dermatitis in dogs. Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, 142(1):279-281.e1.

Zabel, Franziska; Fettelschoss, Antonia; Vogel, Monique; Johansen, Pål; Kündig, Thomas M; Bachmann, Martin F (2017). Distinct T helper cell dependence of memory B-cell proliferation versus plasma cell differentiation. Immunology, 150(3):329-342.

Kündig, Thomas M; Klimek, Ludger; Schendzielorz, Philipp; Renner, Wolfgang A; Senti, Gabriela; Bachmann, Martin F (2015). Is The Allergen Really Needed in Allergy Immunotherapy? Current Treatment Options in Allergy, 2(1):72-82.

Klimek, Ludger; Bachmann, Martin F; Senti, Gabriela; Kündig, Thomas M (2014). Immunotherapy of type-1 allergies with virus-like particles and CpG-motifs. Expert Review of Clinical Immunology, 10(8):1059-1067.

Zabel, Franziska; Mohanan, Deepa; Bessa, Juliana; Link, Alexander; Fettelschoss, Antonia; Saudan, Philippe; Kündig, Thomas M; Bachmann, Martin F (2014). Viral particles drive rapid differentiation of memory B cells into secondary plasma cells producing increased levels of antibodies. Journal of Immunology, 192(12):5499-5508.

Kündig, Thomas M; Johansen, Pål; Bachmann, Martin F; Cardell, Lars O; Senti, Gabriela (2014). Intralymphatic immunotherapy: time interval between injections is essential. Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, 133(3):930-931.

Tissot, Alain C; Spohn, Gunther; Jennings, Gary T; Shamshiev, Abdijapar; Kurrer, Michael O; Windak, Renata; Meier, Marco; Viesti, Miriam; Hersberger, Martin; Kündig, Thomas M; Ricci, Romeo; Bachmann, Martin F (2013). A VLP-based vaccine against interleukin-1α protects mice from atherosclerosis. European Journal of Immunology, 43(3):716-722.

Zabel, Franziska; Kündig, Thomas M; Bachmann, Martin F (2013). Virus-induced humoral immunity: on how B cell responses are initiated. Current Opinion in Virology, 3(3):357-362.

Tars, Kaspars; Kotelovica, Svetlana; Lipowsky, Gerd; Bauer, Monika; Beerli, Roger R; Bachmann, Martin F; Maurer, Patrik (2012). Different binding modes of free and carrier-protein-coupled nicotine in a human monoclonal antibody. Journal of Molecular Biology, 415(1):118-127.

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Bessa, Juliana; Zabel, Franziska; Link, Alexander; Jegerlehner, Andrea; Hinton, Heather J; Schmitz, Nicole; Bauer, Monika; Kündig, Thomas M; Saudan, Philippe; Bachmann, Martin F (2012). Low-affinity B cells transport viral particles from the lung to the spleen to initiate antibody responses. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 109(50):20566-20571.

Goldinger, Simone M; Dummer, Reinhard; Baumgaertner, Petra; Mihic-Probst, Daniela; Schwarz, Katrin; Hammann-Haenni, Anya; Willers, Joerg; Geldhof, Christine; Prior, John O; Kündig, Thomas M; Michielin, Olivier; Bachmann, Martin F; Speiser, Daniel E (2012). Nano-particle vaccination combined with TLR-7 and -9 ligands triggers memory and effector CD8⁺ T-cell responses in melanoma patients. European Journal of Immunology, 42(11):3049-3061.

Bachmann, Martin F (2012). Taurine: energy drink for T cells. European Journal of Immunology, 42(4):819-821.

Schmitz, Nicole; Beerli, Roger R; Bauer, Monika; Jegerlehner, Andrea; Dietmeier, Klaus; Maudrich, Melanie; Pumpens, Paul; Saudan, Philippe; Bachmann, Martin F (2012). Universal vaccine against influenza virus: linking TLR signaling to anti-viral protection. European Journal of Immunology, 42(4):863-869.

Braun, Marion; Jandus, Camilla; Maurer, Patrik; Hammann-Haenni, Anya; Schwarz, Katrin; Bachmann, Martin F; Speiser, Daniel E; Romero, Pedro (2012). Virus-like particles induce robust human T-helper cell responses. European Journal of Immunology, 42(2):330-340.

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