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Vazquez-Gutierrez, Pamela; Stevens, Marc J A; Gehrig, Peter; Barkow-Oesterreicher, Simon; Lacroix, Christophe; Chassard, Christophe (2017). The extracellular proteome of two Bifidobacterium species reveals different adaptation strategies to low iron conditions. BMC Genomics, 18(1):41.

Rosenthal, Florian; Nanni, Paolo; Barkow-Oesterreicher, Simon; Hottiger, Michael O (2015). Optimization of LTQ-Orbitrap mass spectrometer parameters for the identification of ADP-ribosylation sites. Journal of Proteome Research, 14(9):4072-4079.

Warinner, Christina; Rodrigues, João F Matias; Vyas, Rounak; Trachsel, Christian; Shved, Natallia; Grossmann, Jonas; Radini, Anita; Hancock, Y; Tito, Raul Y; Fiddyment, Sarah; Speller, Camilla; Hendy, Jessica; Charlton, Sophy; Luder, Hans Ulrich; Salazar-García, Domingo C; Eppler, Elisabeth; Seiler, Roger; Hansen, Lars H; Castruita, José Alfredo Samaniego; Barkow-Oesterreicher, Simon; Teoh, Kai Yik; Kelstrup, Christian D; Olsen, Jesper V; Nanni, Paolo; Kawai, Toshihisa; Willerslev, Eske; von Mering, Christian; Lewis, Cecil M; Collins, Matthew J; Gilbert, M Thomas P; Rühli, Frank J; Cappellini, Enrico (2014). Pathogens and host immunity in the ancient human oral cavity. Nature Genetics, 46(4):336-344.

Uzozie, Anuli; Nanni, Paolo; Staiano, Teresa; Grossmann, Jonas; Barkow-Oesterreicher, Simon; Shay, Jerry W; Tiwari, Amit; Buffoli, Federico; Laczko, Endre; Marra, Giancarlo (2014). Sorbitol dehydrogenase overexpression and other aspects of dysregulated protein expression in human precancerous colorectal neoplasms: a quantitative proteomics study. Molecular & Cellular Proteomics, 13(5):1198-1218.

Aleksiev, Tyanko; Barkow-Oesterreicher, Simon; Kunszt, Peter; Maffioletti, Sergio; Murri, Riccardo; Panse, Christian (2013). VM-MAD: A cloud/cluster software for service-oriented academic environments. In: Supercomputing - 28th International Supercomputing Conference, ISC 2013, Leipzig, 16 June 2013 - 20 June 2013, 447-461.

Barkow-Oesterreicher, Simon; Tuerker, Can; Panse, Christian (2013). FCC – An automated rule-based processing tool for life science data. Source Code for Biology and Medicine, 8:3.

Felder, Kathrin M; Carranza, Paula M; Gehrig, Peter M; Roschitzki, Bernd; Barkow-Oesterreicher, Simon; Hoelzle, Katharina; Riedel, Katharina; Kube, Michael; Hoelzle, Ludwig E (2012). Insights into the gene expression profile of uncultivable hemotrophic Mycoplasma suis during acute infection, obtained using proteome analysis. Journal of Bacteriology, 194(6):1505-1514.

Rampitsch, Christof; Tinker, Nicholas A; Subramaniam, Rajagopal; Barkow-Oesterreicher, Simon; Laczko, Endre (2012). Phosphoproteome profile of Fusarium graminearum grown in vitro under nonlimiting conditions. Proteomics, 12(7):1002-1005.

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