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Landfried, K; Bataille, F; Rogler, G; Brenmoehl, J; Kosovac, K; Wolff, D; Hilgendorf, I; Hahn, J; Edinger, M; Hoffmann, P; Obermeier, F; Schoelmerich, J; Andreesen, R; Holler, E (2010). Recipient NOD2/CARD15 status affects cellular infiltrates in human intestinal graft-versus-host disease. Clinical and Experimental Immunology, 159(1):87-92.

Meyer, S; Vogt, T; Landthaler, M; Berand, A; Reichle, A; Bataille, F; Marx, A H; Menz, A; Hartmann, A; Kunz-Schughart, L A; Wild, P J (2010). Cyclooxygenase 2 (COX2) and peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor gamma (PPARG) are stage-dependent prognostic markers of malignant melanoma. PPAR research, 2010:848645.

Meyer, S; Wild, P J; Vogt, T; Bataille, F; Ehret, C; Gantner, S; Landthaler, M; Klinkhammer-Schalke, M; Hofstaedter, F; Bosserhoff, A K (2010). Methylthioadenosine phosphorylase represents a predictive marker for response to adjuvant interferon therapy in patients with malignant melanoma. Experimental Dermatology, 19(8):e251-e257.

Amann, T; Bataille, F; Spruss, T; Dettmer, K; Wild, P J; Liedtke, C; Mühlbauer, M; Kiefer, P; Oefner, P J; Trautwein, C; Bosserhoff, A K; Hellerbrand, C (2010). Reduced expression of fibroblast growth factor receptor 2IIIb in hepatocellular carcinoma induces a more aggressive growth. American Journal of Pathology, 176(3):1433-1442.

Bataille, F; Rohrmeier, C; Bates, R; Weber, A; Rieder, F; Brenmoehl, J; Strauch, U; Farkas, S; Fürst, Alois; Hofstädter, F; Schölmerich, J; Herfarth, H; Rogler, G (2008). Evidence for a role of epithelial mesenchymal transition during pathogenesis of fistulae in Crohn's disease. Inflammatory Bowel Diseases, 14(11):1514-1527.

Lippert, E; Gunckel, M; Brenmoehl, J; Bataille, F; Falk, W; Scholmerich, J; Obermeier, F; Rogler, G (2008). Regulation of galectin-3 function in mucosal fibroblasts: potential role in mucosal inflammation. Clinical and Experimental Immunology, 152(2):285-297.

Hellerbrand, C; Amann, T; Schlegel, J; Wild, P; Bataille, F; Spruss, T; Hartmann, A; Bosserhoff, A K (2008). The novel gene MIA2 acts as a tumour suppressor in hepatocellular carcinoma. Gut, 57(2):243-251.

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