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Brosse, Morgane; Bucher, Hugo; Baud, Aymon; Frisk, Åsa M; Goudemand, Nicolas; Hagdorn, Hans; Nützel, Alexander; Ware, David; Hautmann, Michael (2019). New data from Oman indicate benthic high biomass productivity coupled with low taxonomic diversity in the aftermath of the Permian-Triassic Boundary mass extinction. Lethaia, 52(2):165-187.

Friesenbichler, Evelyn; Richoz, Sylvain; Baud, Aymon; Krystyn, Leopold; Sahakyan, Lilit; Vardanyan, Sargis; Peckmann, Jörn; Reitner, Joachim; Heindel, Katrin (2018). Sponge-microbial build-ups from the lowermost Triassic Chanakhchi section in southern Armenia: Microfacies and stable carbon isotopes. Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology, 490:653-672.

Brosse, Morgane; Baud, Aymon; Bhat, Ghulam Mohmmad; Bucher, Hugo; Leu, Marc; Vennemann, Torsten; Goudemand, Nicolas (2017). Conodont-based Griesbachian biochronology of the Guryul Ravine section (basal Triassic, Kashmir, India). Geobios, 50(5-6):359-387.

Bagherpour, Borhan; Bucher, Hugo; Baud, Aymon; Brosse, Morgane; Vennemann, Torsten; Martini, Rossana; Guodun, Kuang (2017). Onset, development, and cessation of basal Early Triassic microbialites (BETM) in the Nanpanjiang pull-apart Basin, South China Block. Gondwana research, 44:178-204.

Brosse, Morgane; Bucher, Hugo; Bagherpour, Borhan; Baud, Aymon; Frisk, Åsa M; Guodun, Kuang; Goudemand, Nicolas (2015). Conodonts from the Early Triassic microbialite of Guangxi (South China): implications for the definition of the base of the Triassic System. Palaeontology, 58(3):563-584.

Hautmann, Michael; Bagherpour, Borhan; Brosse, Morgane; Frisk, Åsa; Hofmann, Richard; Baud, Aymon; Nützel, Alexander; Goudemand, Nicolas; Bucher, Hugo (2015). Competition in slow motion: the unusual case of benthic marine communities in the wake of the end-Permian mass extinction. Palaeontology, 58(5):871-901.

Leu, Marc; Baud, Aymon; Brosse, Morgane; Goudemand, Nicolas; Vennemann, Torsten; Meier, Maximiliano; Bhat, Ghulam; Bucher, Hugo (2014). Earthquake induced soft sediment deformation (seismites): new data from the Early Triassic Guryul Ravine section (Kashmir). Geophysical Research Abstracts:1.

Crasquin-Soleau, Sylvie; Broutin, Jean; Roger, Jack; Platel, Jean-Pierre; Al Hashmi, Haroub; Angiolini, Lucia; Baud, Aymon; Bucher, Hugo; Marcoux, Jean (1999). First Permian Ostracode Fauna from the Arabian Plate (Khuff Formation, Sultanate of Oman). Micropaleontology, 45(2):163-182.

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