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Strehlow, F; Bauer, S; Martus, P; Weller, M; Roth, P; Schlegel, U; Seidel, S; Scheibenbogen, C; Korfel, A; Kreher, S (2016). Osteopontin in cerebrospinal fluid as diagnostic biomarker for central nervous system lymphoma. Journal of Neuro-Oncology, 129(1):165-171.

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Weigert, J; Obermeier, F; Neumeier, M; Wanninger, J; Filarsky, M; Bauer, S; Aslanidis, C; Rogler, G; Ott, C; Schäffler, A; Schölmerich, J; Buechler, C (2010). Circulating levels of chemerin and adiponectin are higher in ulcerative colitis and chemerin is elevated in Crohn's disease. Inflammatory Bowel Diseases, 16(4):630-637.

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Bauer, S; Okonek, C (1990). The algebraic geometry of representation spaces associated to Seifert fibered homology 3-spheres. Mathematische Annalen, 286(1-3):45-76.

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