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Kulig, P; Musiol, S; Freiberger, S N; Schreiner, B; Gyülveszi, G; Russo, G; Pantelyushin, S; Kishihara, K; Alessandrini, F; Kündig, T; Sallusto, F; Hofbauer, G F L; Haak, S; Becher, B (2016). IL-12 protects from psoriasiform skin inflammation. Nature Communications, 7:13466.

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Schreiner, B; Ingold-Heppner, B; Pehl, D; Locatelli, G; Berrit-Schönthaler, H; Becher, B (2015). Deletion of Jun proteins in adult oligodendrocytes does not perturb cell survival, or myelin maintenance in vivo. PLoS ONE, 10(3):e0120454.

Locatelli, G; Baggiolini, A; Schreiner, B; Palle, P; Waisman, A; Becher, B; Buch, T (2015). Mature oligodendrocytes actively increase in vivo cytoskeletal plasticity following CNS damage. Journal of Neuroinflammation, 12:62.

Tugues, S; Burkhard, S H; Ohs, I; Vrohlings, M; Nussbaum, K; Vom Berg, J; Kulig, P; Becher, B (2015). New insights into IL-12-mediated tumor suppression. Cell Death and Differentiation, 22(2):237-246.

Spalinger, M R; Kasper, S; Chassard, C; Raselli, T; Frey-Wagner, I; Gottier, C; Lang, S; Atrott, K; Vavricka, S R; Mair, F; Becher, B; Lacroix, C; Fried, M; Rogler, G; Scharl, M (2015). PTPN2 controls differentiation of CD4(+) T cells and limits intestinal inflammation and intestinal dysbiosis. Mucosal immunology, 8(4):918-929.

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Hitzler, I; Oertli, M; Becher, B; Agger, E M; Müller, A (2011). Dendritic cells prevent rather than promote immunity conferred by a helicobacter vaccine using a mycobacterial adjuvant. Gastroenterology, 141(1):186-196.e1.

Winnik, S; Lohmann, C; Richter, E K; Schäfer, N; Song, W L; Leiber, F; Mocharla, P; Hofmann, J; Klingenberg, R; Borén, J; Becher, B; Fitzgerald, G A; Lüscher, T F; Matter, C M; Beer, J H (2011). Dietary {alpha}-linolenic acid diminishes experimental atherogenesis and restricts T cell-driven inflammation. European Heart Journal, 32(20):2573-2584.

Winnik, S; Lohmann, C; Richter, E K; Schäfer, N; Song, W L; Leiber, F; Mocharla, P; Hofmann, J; Klingenberg, R; Borén, J; Becher, B; Fitzgerald, G A; Lüscher, T F; Matter, C M; Beer, J H (2011). Dietary α-linolenic acid diminishes experimental atherogenesis and restricts T cell-driven inflammation. European Heart Journal, 32(20):2573-2584.

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Taube, C; Tertilt, C; Gyülveszi, G; Dehzad, N; Kreymborg, K; Schneeweiss, K; Michel, E; Reuter, S; Renauld, J C; Arnold-Schild, D; Schild, H; Buhl, R; Becher, B (2011). IL-22 is produced by innate lymphoid cells and limits inflammation in allergic airway disease. PLoS ONE, 6(7):e21799.

Hofmann, J; Mair, F; Greter, M; Schmidt-Supprian, M; Becher, B (2011). NIK signaling in dendritic cells but not in T cells is required for the development of effector T cells and cell-mediated immune responses. Journal of Experimental Medicine, 208(9):1917-1929.

Codarri, L; Gyülvészi, G; Tosevski, V; Hesske, L; Fontana, A; Magnenat, L; Suter, T; Becher, B (2011). RORγt drives production of the cytokine GM-CSF in helper T cells, which is essential for the effector phase of autoimmune neuroinflammation. Nature Immunology, 12(6):560-567.

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Huppert, J; Closhen, D; Croxford, A; White, R; Kulig, P; Pietrowski, E; Bechmann, I; Becher, B; Luhmann, H J; Waisman, A; Kuhlmann, C R W (2010). Cellular mechanisms of IL-17-induced blood-brain barrier disruption. FASEB Journal, 24(4):1023-1034.

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Eisenring, M; vom Berg, J; Kristiansen, G; Saller, E; Becher, B (2010). IL-12 initiates tumor rejection via lymphoid tissue-inducer cells bearing the natural cytotoxicity receptor NKp46. Nature Immunology, 11(11):1030-1038.

Stein, S; Lohmann, C; Schäfer, N; Hofmann, J; Rohrer, L; Besler, C; Rothgiesser, K M; Becher, B; Hottiger, M O; Borén, J; McBurney, M W; Landmesser, U; Lüscher, T F; Matter, C M (2010). SIRT1 decreases Lox-1-mediated foam cell formation in atherogenesis. European Heart Journal, 31(18):2301-2309.

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Haak, S; Croxford, A L; Kreymborg, K; Heppner, F L; Pouly, S; Becher, B; Waisman, A (2009). IL-17A and IL-17F do not contribute vitally to autoimmune neuro-inflammation in mice. Journal of Clinical Investigation, 119(1):61-69.

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Gutcher, I; Urich, E; Wolter, K; Prinz, M; Becher, B (2006). Interleukin 18-independent engagement of interleukin 18 receptor-alpha is required for autoimmune inflammation. Nature Immunology, 7(9):946-953.

Heppner, F L; Greter, M; Marino, D; Falsig, J; Raivich, G; Hövelmeyer, N; Waisman, A; Rülicke, T; Prinz, M; Priller, J; Becher, B; Aguzzi, A (2005). Experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis repressed by microglial paralysis. Nature Medicine, 11(2):146-152.

Polymenidou, M; Heppner, F L; Pellicioli, E C; Urich, E; Miele, G; Braun, N; Wopfner, F; Schätzl, H M; Becher, B; Aguzzi, A (2004). Humoral immune response to native eukaryotic prion protein correlates with anti-prion protection. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (PNAS), 101(S2):14670-14676.

Becher, B; Durell, B G; Noelle, R J (2003). IL-23 produced by CNS-resident cells controls T cell encephalitogenicity during the effector phase of experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis. Journal of Clinical Investigation, 112(8):1186-1191.

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