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Stienen, Martin Nikolaus; Smoll, Nicolas Roydon; Fung, Christian; Goldberg, Johannes; Bervini, David; Maduri, Rodolfo; Chiappini, Alessio; Robert, Thomas; May, Adrien; Bijlenga, Philippe; Zumofen, Daniel; Roethlisberger, Michel; Seule, Martin Alexander; Marbacher, Serge; Fandino, Javier; Schatlo, Bawarjan; Schaller, Karl; Keller, Emanuela; Bozinov, Oliver; Regli, Luca; Burkhardt, Jan-Karl; Neidert, Marian C; Maldaner, Nicolai; Finkenstädt, Sina; Schöni, Daniel; Raabe, Andreas; Beck, Jürgen; Mariani, Luigi; Guzman, Raphael; D’Alonzo, Donato; et al (2018). Home-Time as a Surrogate Marker for Functional Outcome After Aneurysmal Subarachnoid Hemorrhage. Stroke, 49(12):3081-3084.

Schütz, Alessa; Murek, Michael; Stieglitz, Lennart Henning; Bernasconi, Corrado; Vulcu, Sonja; Beck, Jürgen; Raabe, Andreas; Schucht, Philippe (2018). ACE-inhibitors: a preventive measure for bone flap resorption after autologous cranioplasty? Journal of Neurosurgery:Epub ahead of print.

Reitmeir, Raluca; Eyding, Jens; Oertel, Markus F; Wiest, Roland; Gralla, Jan; Fischer, Urs; Giquel, Pierre-Yves; Weber, Stefan; Raabe, Andreas; Mattle, Heinrich P; Z'Graggen, Werner J; Beck, Jürgen (2017). Is ultrasound perfusion imaging capable of detecting mismatch? A proof-of-concept study in acute stroke patients. Journal of Cerebral Blood Flow and Metabolism, 37(4):1517-1526.

Bosemani, Thangamadhan; Steinlin, Maja; Toelle, Sandra P; Beck, Jürgen; Boltshauser, Eugen; Huisman, Thierry A G M; Poretti, Andrea (2016). Pseudotumoral hemicerebellitis as a mimicker of Lhermitte-Duclos disease in children: does neuroimaging help to differentiate them? Child's Nervous System, 32(5):865-871.

Stieglitz, Lennart Henning; Raabe, Andreas; Beck, Jürgen (2015). Simple accuracy enhancing techniques in neuronavigation. World Neurosurgery, 84(2):580-584.

Fichtner, Jens; Beck, Jürgen; Raabe, A; Stieglitz, Lennart Henning (2015). The nelaton catheter guard for safe and effective placement of subdural drain for two-burr-hole trephination in chronic subdural hematoma: a technical note. Journal of Neurological Surgery. Part A: Central European Neurosurgery, 76(05):415-417.

Stieglitz, Lennart Henning; Fung, Christian; Murek, Michael; Fichtner, Jens; Raabe, Andreas; Beck, Jürgen (2015). What happens to the bone flap? Long-term outcome after reimplantation of cryoconserved bone flaps in a consecutive series of 92 patients. Acta Neurochirurgica, 157(2):275-280.

Fichtner, Jens; Jilch, Astrid; Stieglitz, Lennart Henning; Beck, Jürgen; Raabe, Andreas; Z' Graggen, Werner J (2014). Infection rate of emergency bolt-kit vs. non-emergency conventional implanted silver bearing external ventricular drainage catheters. Clinical Neurology and Neurosurgery, 122:70-76.

Schucht, Philippe; Seidel, Kathleen; Murek, Michael; Stieglitz, Lennart Henning; Urwyler, Natalie; Wiest, Roland; Steinlin, Maja; Leibundgut, Kurt; Raabe, Andreas; Beck, Jürgen (2014). Low-threshold monopolar motor mapping for resection of lesions in motor eloquent areas in children and adolescents. Journal of Neurosurgery. Pediatrics, 13(5):572-578.

Stieglitz, Lennart Henning; Gerber, Nicolas; Schmid, Thomas; Mordasini, Pasquale; Fichtner, Jens; Fung, Christian; Murek, Michael; Weber, Stefan; Raabe, Andreas; Beck, Jürgen (2014). Intraoperative fabrication of patient-specific moulded implants for skull reconstruction: single-centre experience of 28 cases. Acta Neurochirurgica, 156(4):793-803.

Fung, Christian; De Marchis, Gian Marco; Katan, Mira; Seiler, Marleen; Arnold, Marcel; Gralla, Jan; Raabe, Andreas; Beck, Jürgen (2013). Copeptin as a marker for severity and prognosis of aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhage. PLoS ONE, 8(1):e53191.

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