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Steiger-Ronay, Valerie; Tektas, Sibel; Attin, Thomas; Lussi, Adrian; Becker, Klaus; Wiedemeier, Daniel B; Beyeler, Barbara; Carvalho, Thiago S (2019). Comparison of Profilometric and Microindentation Analyses for Determining the Impact of Saliva on the Abrasion of Initially Eroded Enamel. Caries Research, 53(1):33-40.

Steiger-Ronay, Valerie; Steingruber, Andrea; Becker, Klaus; Aykut-Yetkiner, Arzu; Wiedemeier, Daniel B; Attin, Thomas (2018). Temperature-dependent erosivity of drinks in a model simulating oral fluid dynamics. Journal of Dentistry, 70:118-123.

Crastechini, Erica; Borges, Alessandra B; Becker, Klaus; Attin, Thomas; Torres, Carlos Rg (2017). Protective Effect of Adhesive Systems associated with Neodymium-doped Yttrium Aluminum Garnet Laser on Enamel Erosive/Abrasive Wear. Journal of Contemporary Dental Practice, 18(10):859-866.

Attin, Thomas; Becker, Klaus; Wiedemeier, Daniel B; Schmidlin, Patrick R; Wegehaupt, Florian J (2017). Anti-erosive effect of a self-assembling peptide gel. Swiss Dental Journal, 127(10):857-864.

Azadi-Schossig, Parastu; Becker, Klaus; Attin, Thomas (2016). Chelating effect of citric acid is negligible for development of enamel erosions. Clinical Oral Investigations, 20(7):1577-1587.

Tawakoli, Pune N; Sauer, Bärbel; Becker, Klaus; Buchalla, Wolfgang; Attin, Thomas (2015). Interproximal biofilm removal by intervallic use of a sonic toothbrush compared to an oral irrigation system. BMC Oral Health, 15:91.

Aykut-Yetkiner, Arzu; Wiegand, Annette; Ronay, Valerie; Attin, Rengin; Becker, Klaus; Attin, Thomas (2014). In vitro evaluation of the erosive potential of viscosity-modified soft acidic drinks on enamel. Clinical Oral Investigations, 18(3):769-773.

Yu, Hao; Wegehaupt, Florian J; Zaruba, Markus; Becker, Klaus; Roos, Malgorzata; Attin, Thomas; Wiegand, Annette (2010). Erosion-inhibiting potential of a stannous chloride-containing fluoride solution under acid flow conditions in vitro. Archives of Oral Biology, 55(9):702-705.

Attin, Thomas; Becker, Klaus; Roos, Malgorzata; Attin, R; Paqué, Frank (2009). Impact of storage conditions on profilometry of eroded dental hard tissue. Clinical Oral Investigations, 13(4):473-478.

Attin, Thomas; Abouassi, Thaer; Becker, Klaus; Wiegand, Annette; Roos, Malgorzata; Attin, Rengin (2008). A new method for chlorhexidine (CHX) determination: CHX release after application of differently concentrated CHX-containing preparations on artificial fissures. Clinical Oral Investigations, 12(3):189-196.

Wiegand, Annette; Meier, Werner; Sutter, E; Magalhães, Ana C; Becker, Klaus; Roos, Malgorzata; Attin, Thomas (2008). Protective effect of different tetrafluorides on erosion of pellicle-free and pellicle-covered enamel and dentine. Caries Research, 42(4):247-254.

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