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Bensler, Susanne; Dietrich, Tobias J; Zubler, Veronika; Pfirrmann, Christian W A; Sutter, Reto (2019). Pincer-type MRI morphology seen in over a third of asymptomatic healthy volunteers without femoroacetabular impingement. Journal of Magnetic Resonance Imaging (JMRI), 49(5):1296-1303.

Fritz, Benjamin; Bensler, Susanne; Thawait, Gaurav K; Raithel, Esther; Stern, Steven E; Fritz, Jan (2019). CAIPIRINHA-accelerated 10-min 3D TSE MRI of the ankle for the diagnosis of painful ankle conditions: Performance evaluation in 70 patients. European Radiology, 29(2):609-619.

Jungmann, Pia M; Bensler, Susanne; Zingg, Patrick; Fritz, Benjamin; Pfirrmann, Christian W; Sutter, Reto (2019). Improved Visualization of Juxtaprosthetic Tissue Using Metal Artifact Reduction Magnetic Resonance Imaging: Experimental and Clinical Optimization of Compressed Sensing SEMAC. Investigative Radiology, 54(1):23-31.

Jungmann, Pia M; Gersing, Alexandra S; Woertler, Klaus; Dietrich, Tobias J; Baum, Thomas; Baumann, Frederic; Bensler, Susanne (2018). Reliable semiquantitative whole-joint MRI score for the shoulder joint: The shoulder osteoarthritis severity (SOAS) score. Journal of Magnetic Resonance Imaging (JMRI):Epub ahead of print.

Fritz, Benjamin; Bensler, Susanne; Leunig, Michael; Zingg, Patrick O; Pfirrmann, Christian W A; Sutter, Reto (2018). MRI Assessment of Supra- and Infratrochanteric Femoral Torsion: Association With Femoroacetabular Impingement and Hip Dysplasia. American Journal of Roentgenology, 211(1):155-161.

Agten, Christoph Amadeus; Margaroli, Lukas; Bensler, Susanne; Fritz, Benjamin; Rosskopf, Andrea B; Held, Ulrike; Pfirrmann, Christian W A (2018). Prevalence of vitamin D insufficiency in radiologists: a cross-sectional study. Skeletal Radiology, 47(7):981-988.

Bensler, Susanne; Agten, Christoph A; Pfirrmann, Christian W A; Sutter, Reto (2018). Osseous spurs at the fovea capitis femoris-a frequent finding in asymptomatic volunteers. Skeletal Radiology, 47(1):69-77.

Bensler, Susanne; Sutter, Reto; Pfirrmann, Christian W A; Peterson, Cynthia K (2018). Particulate versus non-particulate corticosteroids for transforaminal nerve root blocks: Comparison of outcomes in 494 patients with lumbar radiculopathy. European Radiology, 28(3):946-952.

Bensler, Susanne; Sutter, Reto; Pfirrmann, Christian W A; Peterson, Cynthia K (2017). Is there a difference in treatment outcomes between epidural injections with particulate versus non-particulate steroids? European Radiology, 27(4):1505-1511.

Meyer, Dominik C; Zimmermann, Stefan M; Wieser, Karl; Bensler, Susanne; Gerber, Christian; Germann, Marco (2016). Lengthening of the subscapularis tendon as a sign of partial tearing in continuity. Journal of Shoulder and Elbow Surgery, 25(1):31-37.

Bensler, Susanne; Sutter, Reto; Pfirrmann, Christian W A; Peterson, Cynthia K (2015). Long Term Outcomes from CT-guided Indirect Cervical Nerve Root Blocks and their relationship to the MRI findings--A prospective Study. European Radiology, 25(11):3405-3413.

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