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Monney, C; Puppin, M; Nicholson, C W; Hoesch, M; Chapman, R. T; Springate, E; Berger, H; Magrez, A; Cacho, C; Ernstorfer, R; Wolf, M (2016). Revealing the role of electrons and phonons in the ultrafast recovery of charge density wave correlations in $1T−TiSe_2$. Physical Review B, 94(16):165165.

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Reibelt, M; Schilling, A; Canfield, P C; Ravikumar, G; Berger, H (2008). Differential-thermal analysis around and below the critical temperature Tc of various low-Tc superconductors: A comparative study. Physica C: Superconductivity, 468(22):2254-2266.

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Franck, E; Picot, A (1990). Stichwort "Dokumentation und Dokumentierbarkeit". In: Berger, H; Blankart, C B; Picot, A. Lexikon der Telekommunikationsökonomie. Heidelberg: R. v. Decker`s, 80-81.

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