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Müller, N; Keil, J; Obleser, J; Schulz, H; Grunwald, T; Bernays, R L; Huppertz, H J; Weisz, N (2013). You can't stop the music: reduced auditory alpha power and coupling between auditory and memory regions facilitate the illusory perception of music during noise. NeuroImage, 79:383-393.

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Serra, C; Huppertz, H J; Kockro, R A; Grunwald, T; Bozinov, O; Krayenbühl, N; Bernays, R L (2013). Rapid and accurate anatomical localization of implanted subdural electrodes in a virtual reality environment. Journal of Neurological Surgery. Part A: Central European Neurosurgery, 74(3):175-182.

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Winkler, K M; Woernle, C M; Seule, M; Held, U; Bernays, R L; Keller, E (2013). Antibiotic-impregnated versus silver-bearing external ventricular drainage catheters: preliminary results in a randomized controlled trial. Neurocritical Care, 18(2):161-165.

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Fischer, C M; Burkhardt, J K; Sarnthein, J; Bernays, R L; Bozinov, O (2012). Aesthetic outcome in patients after polymethyl-methacrylate (PMMA) cranioplasty - a questionnaire-based single-centre study. Neurological Research, 34(3):281-285.

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Bellut, D; Hlavica, M; Muroi, C; Woernle, C M; Schmid, C; Bernays, R L (2012). Impact of intraoperative MRI-guided transsphenoidal surgery on endocrine function and hormone substitution therapy in patients with pituitary adenoma. Swiss Medical Weekly, 142:w13699.

Serra, C; Stauffer, A; Actor, B; Burkhardt, J K; Ulrich, N H; Bernays, R L; Bozinov, O (2012). Intraoperative high frequency ultrasound in intracerebral high-grade tumors. Ultraschall in der Medizin, 33(7):E306-E312.

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Möller-Goede, D L; Brändle, M; Landau, K; Bernays, R L; Schmid, C (2011). Pituitary apoplexy: re-evaluation of risk factors for bleeding into pituitary adenomas and impact on outcome. European Journal of Endocrinology, 164(1):37-43.

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