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Berger, T M; Bernet, V; Schulzke, S; Fauchère, J-C; Fonatana, M; Hegi, L; Laubscher, B; Malzacher, A; Meyer, P; Muehlethaler, V; Nelle, M; Pfister, R E; Roth-Kleiner, M (2018). Support of Adaptation and Resuscitation of the Newborn Infant. http://www.neonet.ch/: Swiss Society of Neonatology.

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Berger, T M; Bernet, V; El Alama, S; Fauchère, J-C; Hösli, I; Irion, O; Kind, C; Latal, B; Nelle, M; Pfister, R E; Surbek, D; Truttman, A C; Wisser, J; Zimmermann, R (2012). Perinatale Betreuung an der Grenze der Lebensfähigkeit zwischen 22 und 26 vollendeten Schwangerschaftswochen. Paediatrica, 23(1):10-12.

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Wille, D; Hauri-Hohl, M; Vonbach, P; Tomaske, M; Padden, B; Bernet, V (2010). Too much of too little: xylitol, an unusual trigger of a chronic metabolic hyperchloremic acidosis. European Journal of Pediatrics, 169(12):1549-1551.

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