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Hilty, Matthias Peter; Franzen, Daniel Peter; Wyss, Christophe; Biaggi, Patric; Maggiorini, Marco (2017). Validation of transpulmonary thermodilution variables in hemodynamically stable patients with heart diseases. Annals of Intensive Care, 7(1):86.

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Toggweiler, Stefan; Zuber, Michel; Sürder, Daniel; Biaggi, Patric; Gstrein, Christine; Moccetti, Tiziano; Pasotti, Elena; Gaemperli, Oliver; Faletra, Francesco; Petrova-Slater, Iveta; Grünenfelder, Jürg; Jamshidi, Peiman; Corti, Roberto; Pedrazzini, Giovanni; Lüscher, Thomas F; Erne, Paul (2014). Two-year outcomes after percutaneous mitral valve repair with the MitraClip system: durability of the procedure and predictors of outcome. Open Heart, 1(1):e000056.

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Stähli, Barbara E; Gebhard, Catherine; Biaggi, Patric; Klaassen, Sabine; Valsangiacomo Büchel, Emanuela R; Attenhofer Jost, Christine H; Jenni, Rolf; Tanner, Felix C; Greutmann, Matthias (2013). Left ventricular non-compaction: Prevalence in congenital heart disease. International Journal of Cardiology, 167(6):2477-2481.

Surder, Daniel; Pedrazzini, Giovanni; Gaemperli, Oliver; Biaggi, Patric; Felix, Christian; Rufibach, Kaspar; Auf der Maur, Christof; Jeger, Raban; Buser, Peter; Kaufmann, Beat A; Moccetti, Marco; Hürlimann, David; Buhler, Ines; Bettex, Dominique; Scherman, Jacques; Pasotti, Elena; Faletra, Francesco F; Zuber, Michel; Moccetti, Tiziano; Lüscher, Thomas F; Erne, Paul; Grünenfelder, Jürg; Corti, Roberto (2013). Predictors for efficacy of percutaneous mitral valve repair using the MitraClip system: the results of the MitraSwiss registry. Heart, 99(14):1034-1040.

Gaemperli, Oliver; Biaggi, Patric; Gugelmann, Remo; Osranek, Martin; Schreuder, Jan J; Bühler, Ines; Sürder, Daniel; Lüscher, Thomas F; Felix, Christian; Bettex, Dominique; Grünenfelder, Jürg; Corti, Roberto (2013). Real-time left ventricular pressure-volume loops during percutaneous mitral valve repair with the MitraClip system. Circulation, 127(9):1018-1027.

Wyler, Stephanie; Emmert, Maximilian Y; Biaggi, Patric; Seifert, Burkhardt; Grünenfelder, Jürg; Falk, Volkmar; Salzberg, Sacha (2013). What happens to functional mitral regurgitation after aortic valve replacement for aortic stenosis? The Heart Surgery Forum, 16(5):E238-E242.

Gessat, Michael; Hopf, Raoul; Cesarovic, Nikola; Frauenfelder, Thomas; Biaggi, Patric; Bettex, Dominique; Falk, Volkmar; Jacobs, Stephan (2012). Patientenspezifische Annuloplastieringe für die Mitralklappenrekonstruktion. In: CURAC, Düsseldorf, 15 November 2012 - 16 November 2012.

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D'Oronzio, Umberto; Senn, Oliver; Biaggi, Patric; Gruner, Christiane; Jenni, Rolf; Tanner, Felix C; Greutmann, Matthias (2012). Right heart assessment by echocardiography: gender and body size matters. Journal of the American Society of Echocardiography, 25(12):1251-8.

Gräni, Christoph; Biaggi, Patric; Tanner, Felix C; Keller, D I (2012). Takotsubo-Kardiomyopathie - Wichtige Differenzialdiagnose bei akuten Thoraxschmerzen. Praxis, 101(7):439-447.

Biaggi, Patric; Felix, Christian; Greutmann, Matthias; Bettex, Dominique; Tanner, Felix (2011). Dreidimensionale Echokardiographie zur Beurteilung der Mitralklappe. Cardiovascular Medicine, 14(1):4-12.

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