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Woodhams, Douglas C; Rollins-Smith, Louise A; Reinert, Laura K; Lam, Briana A; Harris, Reid N; Briggs, Cheryl J; Vredenburg, Vance T; Patel, Bhumi T; Caprioli, Richard M; Chaurand, Pierre; Hunziker, Peter; Bigler, Laurent (2019). Probiotics Modulate a Novel Amphibian Skin Defense Peptide That Is Antifungal and Facilitates Growth of Antifungal Bacteria. Microbial Ecology:Epub ahead of print.

Childs, Bradley C; Lawler, Keith V; Braband, Henrik; Mast, Daniel S; Bigler, Laurent; Stalder, Urs; Peterson, Derek R; Jansen, Alek; Forster, Paul M; Czerwinski, Kenneth R; Alberto, Roger; Sattelberger, Alfred P; Poineau, Frederic (2018). The Nature of the Technetium Species Formed During the Oxidation of Technetium Dioxide with Oxygen and Water. European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry, 2018(9):1137-1144.

Niewoehner, Ole; Garcia-Doval, Carmela; Rostøl, Jakob T; Berk, Christian; Schwede, Frank; Bigler, Laurent; Hall, Jonathan; Marraffini, Luciano A; Jinek, Martin (2017). Type III CRISPR-Cas systems produce cyclic oligoadenylate second messengers. Nature, 548(7669):543-548.

Bucher, Rahel; Veyel, Daniel; Willmitzer, Lothar; Krattinger, Simon; Keller, Beat; Bigler, Laurent (2017). Combined GC- and UHPLC-HR-MS based metabolomics to analyze durable anti-fungal resistance processes in cereals. CHIMIA International Journal for Chemistry, 71(4):156-159.

Kuhn, Benjamin M; Nodzyński, Tomasz; Errafi, Sanae; Bucher, Rahel; Gupta, Shibu; Aryal, Bibek; Dobrev, Petre; Bigler, Laurent; Geisler, Markus; Zažímalová, Eva; Friml, Jiří; Ringli, Christoph (2017). Flavonol-induced changes in PIN2 polarity and auxin transport in the Arabidopsis thaliana rol1-2 mutant require phosphatase activity. Scientific Reports, 7:41906.

Davis, Leyla R; Bigler, Laurent; Woodhams, Douglas C (2017). Developmental trajectories of amphibian microbiota: response to bacterial therapy depends on initial community structure. Environmental Microbiology, 19(4):1502-1517.

Sasse, Joëlle; Schlegel, Markus; Borghi, Lorenzo; Ullrich, Friederike; Lee, Miyoung; Liu, Guo-Wei; Giner, José-Luis; Kayser, Oliver; Bigler, Laurent; Martinoia, Enrico; Kretzschmar, Tobias (2016). Petunia hybrida PDR2 is involved in herbivore defense by controlling steroidal contents in trichomes. Plant, Cell & Environment, 39(12):2725-2739.

Childs, Bradley C; Braband, Henrik; Lawler, Keith; Mast, Daniel S; Bigler, Laurent; Stalder, Urs; Forster, Paul M; Czerwinski, Kenneth R; Alberto, Roger; Sattelberger, Alfred P; Poineau, Frederic (2016). Ditechnetium heptoxide revisited: solid-state, gas-phase, and theoretical studies. Inorganic Chemistry, 55(20):10445-10452.

Kuhn, Benjamin M; Errafi, Sanae; Bucher, Rahel; Dobrev, Petre; Geisler, Markus; Bigler, Laurent; Zažímalová, Eva; Ringli, Christoph (2016). 7-Rhamnosylated flavonols modulate homeostasis of the plant hormone auxin and affect plant development. Journal of Biological Chemistry, 291(10):5385-5395.

Pavlovic, Igor; Thakor, Divyeshsinh T; Vargas, Jessica R; McKinlay, Colin J; Hauke, Sebastian; Anstaett, Philipp; Camuña, Rafael C; Bigler, Laurent; Gasser, Gilles; Schultz, Carsten; Wender, Paul A; Jessen, Henning J (2016). Cellular delivery and photochemical release of a caged inositol-pyrophosphate induces PH-domain translocation in cellulo. Nature Communications, 7:10622.

Ruiz-Sola, M Águila; Coman, Diana; Beck, Gilles; Barja, M Victoria; Colinas, Maite; Graf, Alexander; Welsch, Ralf; Rütimann, Philipp; Bühlmann, Peter; Bigler, Laurent; Gruissem, Wilhelm; Rodríguez-Concepción, Manuel; Vranová, Eva (2016). Arabidopsis GERANYLGERANYL DIPHOSPHATE SYNTHASE 11 is a hub isozyme required for the production of most photosynthesis-related isoprenoids. New Phytologist, 209(1):252-264.

Saner, Philippe; Philipson, Christopher D; Peters, Shaun; Keller, Felix; Bigler, Laurent; Turnbull, Lindsay A; Hector, Andy (2016). Growth rates and relative change in non-structural carbohydrates of dipterocarp seedlings in response to light acclimation. Plant Ecology and Diversity, 9(5-6):491-504.

Woodhams, Douglas C; Bell, Sara C; Bigler, Laurent; Caprioli, Richard M; Chaurand, Pierre; Lam, Brianna A; Reinert, Laura K; Stalder, Urs; Vazquez, Victoria M; Schliep, Klaus; Hertz, Andreas; Rollins-Smith, Louise A (2016). Life history linked to immune investment in developing amphibians. Conservation Physiology, 4(1):cow025.

Spektroskopische Methoden in der organischen Chemie. Edited by: Bienz, Stefan; Bigler, Laurent; Fox, Thomas; Meier, Herbert (2016). Stuttgart / New York: Georg Thieme Verlag.

Pavlovic, Igor; Thakor, Divyeshsinh T; Bigler, Laurent; Wilson, Miranda S C; Laha, Debabrata; Schaaf, Gabriel; Saiardi, Adolfo; Jessen, Henning J (2015). Prometabolites of 5-Diphospho-myo-inositol Pentakisphosphate. Angewandte Chemie Internationale Edition, 54(33):9622-9626.

Salata, Cristiano; Baritussio, Aldo; Munegato, Denis; Calistri, Arianna; Ha, Huy Riem; Bigler, Laurent; Fabris, Fabrizio; Parolin, Cristina; Palu, Giorgio; Mirazimi, Ali (2015). Amiodarone and metabolite MDEA inhibit Ebola virus infection by interfering with the viral entry process. FEMS Pathogens and Disease, 73(5):ftv032-ftv032.

Chauhan, Harsh; Boni, Rainer; Bucher, Rahel; Kuhn, Benjamin; Buchmann, Gabriele; Sucher, Justine; Selter, Liselotte L; Hensel, Goetz; Kumlehn, Jochen; Bigler, Laurent; Glauser, Gaëtan; Wicker, Thomas; Krattinger, Simon G; Keller, Beat (2015). The wheat resistance gene Lr34 results in the constitutive induction of multiple defense pathways in transgenic barley. The Plant Journal, 84(1):202-215.

Artus, Georg R J; Bigler, Laurent; Seeger, Stefan (2014). Superficial dopants allow growth of silicone nanofilaments on hydroxyl-free substrates. Langmuir, 30(34):10308-10316.

Dudnik, Alexey; Bigler, Laurent; Dudler, Robert (2014). Production of Proteasome Inhibitor Syringolin A by the Endophyte Rhizobium sp Strain AP16. Applied and Environmental Microbiology, 80(12):3741-3748.

Küng, Denise; Bigler, Laurent; Davis, Leyla R; Gratwicke, Brian; Griffith, Edgardo; Woodhams, Douglas C (2014). Stability Of microbiota facilitated by host immune regulation: Informing probiotic strategies to manage amphibian disease. PLoS ONE, 9(1):e87101.

Schiestl, Florian P; Kirk, Heather; Bigler, Laurent; Cozzolino, Salvatore; Desurmont, Gaylord A (2014). Herbivory and floral signaling: phenotypic plasticity and tradeoffs between reproduction and indirect defense. New Phytologist, 203(1):257-266.

Tzouros, Manuel; Chesnov, Serge; Bigler, Laurent; Bienz, Stefan (2013). A template approach for the characterization of linear polyamines and derivatives in spider venom. European Journal of Mass Spectrometry, 19(1):57-69.

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Werneburg, Martina; Zerbe, Katja; Juhas, Mario; Bigler, Laurent; Stalder, Urs; Kaech, Andres; Ziegler, Urs; Obrecht, Daniel; Eberl, Leo; Robinson, John A (2012). Inhibition of lipopolysaccharide transport to the outer membrane in Pseudomonas aeruginosa by peptidomimetic antibiotics. Chembiochem, 13:1767-1775.

Storari, Michelangelo; Dennert, Francesca G; Bigler, Laurent; Gessler, Cesare; Broggini, Giovanni A L (2012). Isolation of mycotoxins producing black aspergilli in herbal teas available on the Swiss market. Food Control, 26(1):157-161.

Ringli, Christoph; Kuhn, Benjamin M; Bigler, Laurent (2012). Cell growth processes in arabidopsis thaliana are modified by flavonols. CHIMIA International Journal for Chemistry, 66(9):714.

Daum, Janine M; Davis, Leyla R; Bigler, Laurent; Woodhams, Doug C (2012). Hybrid advantage in skin peptide immune defenses of water frogs (Pelophylax esculentus) at risk from emerging pathogens. Infection, Genetics and Evolution, 12(8):1854-1864.

Storari, Michelangelo; Broggini, Giovanni A L; Bigler, Laurent; Cordano, Emanuele; Eccel, Emanuele; De Filippi, Riccardo; Gessler, Cesare; Pertot, Ilaria (2012). Risk assessment of the occurrence of black aspergilli on grapes grown in an alpine region under a climate change scenario. European Journal of Plant Pathology, 134(3):634-645.

Woodhams, Douglas C; Bigler, Laurent; Marschang, Rachel (2012). Tolerance of fungal infection in European water frogs exposed to Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis after experimental reduction of innate immune defenses. BMC Veterinary Research, 8:197.

Piccoli, Elena; Nadai, Matteo; Caretta, Carla M; Bergonzini, Valeria; Del Vecchio, Claudia; Ha, Huy Riem; Bigler, Laurent; Dal Zoppo, Daniele; Faggin, Elisabetta; Pettenazzo, Andrea; Orlando, Rocco; Salata, Cristiano; Palù, Giorgio; Baritussio, Aldo (2011). Amiodarone impairs trafficking through late endosomes inducing a Niemann-Pick C-like phenotype. Biochemical Pharmacology, 82:1234-1249.

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Fässler, Jürg; Huber, Priska; Bratovanov, Svetoslav; Bigler, Laurent; Bild, Norbert; Bienz, Stefan (2004). Neighboring-Group participation in the gas phase. Loss of benzaldehyde from [(benzyloxy)methyl]dialkylsilyl-substituted 1,3-dithianes. Helvetica Chimica Acta, 78(7):1855-1862.

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Chapeaurouge, Alexander; Bigler, Laurent; Schäifer, Andrea; Bienz, Stefan (1995). Correlation of stereoselectivity and ion response in electrospray mass-spectrometry. electrospray ionization-mass spectrometry as a tool to predict chemical behavior? Journal of the American Society for Mass Spectrometry, 6(3):207-211.

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