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Alberici, A; Gobbo, C; Panzacchi, A; Nicosia, F; Ghidoni, R; Benussi, L; Hock, C; Papassotiropoulos, A; Liberini, P; Growdon, J H; Frisoni, G B; Villa, A; Zanetti, O; Cappa, S; Fazio, F; Binetti, G (2004). Frontotemporal dementia: impact of P301L tau mutation on a healthy carrier. Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery, and Psychiatry, 75(11):1607-1610.

Günther, C; von Hadeln, K; Müller-Thomsen, T; Alberici, A; Binetti, G; Hock, C; Nitsch, R M; Stoppe, G; Reiss, J; Gal, A; Finckh, U (2004). Possible association of mitochondrial transcription factor A (TFAM) genotype with sporadic Alzheimer disease. Neuroscience Letters, 369(3):219-223.

Benussi, L; Ghidoni, R; Steinhoff, T; Alberici, A; Villa, A; Mazzoli, F; Nicosia, F; Barbiero, L; Broglio, L; Feudatari, E; Signorini, S; Finckh, U; Nitsch, R M; Binetti, G (2003). Alzheimer disease-associated cystatin C variant undergoes impaired secretion. Neurobiology of Disease, 13(1):15-21.

Finckh, U; van Hadeln, K; Müller-Thomsen, T; Alberici, A; Binetti, G; Hock, C; Nitsch, R M; Stoppe, G; Reiss, J; Gal, A (2003). Association of late-onset Alzheimer disease with a genotype of PLAU, the gene encoding urokinase-type plasminogen activator on chromosome 10q22.2. Neurogenetics, 4(4):213-217.

Papassotiropoulos, A; Streffer, J R; Tsolaki, M; Schmid, S; Thal, D; Nicosia, F; Iakovidou, V; Maddalena, A; Lütjohann, D; Ghebremedhin, E; Hegi, T; Pasch, T; Träxler, M; Brühl, A; Benussi, L; Binetti, G; Braak, H; Nitsch, R M; Hock, C (2003). Increased brain beta-amyloid load, phosphorylated tau, and risk of Alzheimer disease associated with an intronic CYP46 polymorphism. Archives of Neurology, 60(1):29-35.

Finckh, U; Müller-Thomsen, T; Mann, U; Eggers, C; Marksteiner, J; Meins, W; Binetti, G; Alberici, A; Sonderegger, P; Hock, C; Nitsch, R M; Gal, A (2000). High frequency of mutations in four different disease genes in early-onset dementia. Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences, 920:100-106.

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