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Recher, M; Malipiero, U; Schaer, D J; Koedel, U; Pfister, H W; Birchler, T; Petrausch, U; Claus, H; Gast, H; Fontana, A (2013). Inhibition of meningitis-associated neutrophil apoptosis by TNF- depends on functional PI3-kinase in monocytes. Journal of Leukocyte Biology, 93(2):259-266.

Taraborrelli, C; Palchykova, S; Tobler, I; Gast, H; Birchler, T; Fontana, A (2011). TNFR1 is essential for CD40, but not for lipopolysaccharide-induced sickness behavior and clock gene dysregulation. Brain, Behavior, and Immunity, 25(3):434-442.

Frei, R; Steinle, J; Birchler, T; Loeliger, S; Roduit, C; Steinhoff, D; Seibl, R; Büchner, K; Seger, R; Reith, W; Lauener, R P (2010). MHC class II molecules enhance Toll-like receptor mediated innate immune responses. PLoS ONE, 5(1):e8808.

Fontana, A; Gast, H; Reith, W; Recher, M; Birchler, T; Bassetti, C L (2010). Narcolepsy: autoimmunity, effector T cell activation due to infection, or T cell independent, major histocompatibility complex class II induced neuronal loss? Brain: A Journal of Neurology, 133(5):1300-1311.

Petrzilka, S; Taraborrelli, C; Cavadini, G; Fontana, A; Birchler, T (2009). Clock gene modulation by TNF-alpha depends on calcium and p38 MAP kinase signaling. Journal of Biological Rhythms, 24(4):283-294.

Cavadini, G; Petrzilka, S; Kohler, P; Jud, C; Tobler, I; Birchler, T; Fontana, A (2007). TNF-alpha suppresses the expression of clock genes by interfering with E-box-mediated transcription. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (PNAS), 104(31):12843-12848.

Birchler, T; Seibl, R; Büchner, K; Loeliger, S; Seger, R; Hossle, J P; Aguzzi, A; Lauener, R P (2001). Human Toll-like receptor 2 mediates induction of the antimicrobial peptide human beta-defensin 2 in response to bacterial lipoprotein. European Journal of Immunology, 31(11):3131-3137.

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