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Ortega, J; Corpa, J M; Orden, J A; Blanco, J; Carbonell, M D; Gerique, A C; Latimer, E; Hayward, G S; Roemmelt, Andreas T; Kraemer, Thomas; Romey, A; Kassimi, L B; Casares, M (2015). Acute death associated with Citrobacter freundii infection in an African elephant (Loxodonta africana). Journal of Veterinary Diagnostic Investigation, 27(5):632-636.

Peng, S; Stephan, R; Hummerjohann, J; Blanco, J; Zweifel, C (2012). In vitro characterization of Shiga toxin-producing and generic Escherichia coli in respect of cheese-production relevant stresses. Archiv für Lebensmittelhygiene = Journal of Food Safety and Food Quality, 63(5):136-141.

Rotger, M; Dalmau, J; Rauch, A; McLaren, P; Bosinger, S E; Martinez, R; Sandler, N G; Roque, A; Liebner, J; Battegay, M; Bernasconi, E; Descombes, P; Erkizia, I; Fellay, J; Hirschel, B; Miró, J M; Palou, E; Hoffmann, M; Massanella, M; Blanco, J; Woods, M; Günthard, H F; de Bakker, P; Douek, D C; Silvestri, G; Martinez-Picado, J; Telenti, A (2011). Comparative transcriptomics of extreme phenotypes of human HIV-1 infection and SIV infection in sooty mangabey and rhesus macaque. Journal of Clinical Investigation, 121(6):2391-2400.

Hauck, C; Blanco, J; Gruber, S; Vieira, G; Ramos, M (2007). Geophysical identification of permafrost in Livingston Island, maritime Antarctica. Journal of Geophysical Research, 112:F02S19.

Blanco, M A; Schumacher, S; Tasara, T; Zweifel, C; Blanco, J E; Dahbi, G; Blanco, J; Stephan, R (2005). Serotypes, intimin variants and other virulence factors of eae positive Escherichia coli strains isolated from healthy cattle in Switzerland. Identification of a new intimin variant gene (eae-η2). BMC Microbiology, 5:23.

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