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Opitz, Isabelle; Lauk, Olivia; Schneiter, Didier; Ulrich, Silvia; Maisano, Francesco; Weder, Walter; Bode-Lesniewska, Beata (2019). Intraluminal EWSR1-CREB1 gene rearranged, low-grade myxoid sarcoma of the pulmonary artery resembling extraskeletal myxoid chondrosarcoma (EMC). Histopathology, 74(3):526-530.

Barroca, Helena; Bode-Lesniewska, Beata; Cozzolino, Immacolata; Zeppa, Pio (2019). Management of Cytological Material, Pre-Analytical Procedures and Bio-Banking in Lymph Node Cytopathology. Cytopathology, 30(1):17-30.

Tallon de Lara, Paulino; Cecconi, Virginia; Hiltbrunner, Stefanie; Yagita, Hideo; Friess, Martina; Bode-Lesniewska, Beata; Opitz, Isabelle; Vrugt, Bart; Weder, Walter; Stolzmann, Paul; Felley-Bosco, Emanuela; Stahel, Rolf A; Tischler, Verena; Britschgi, Christian; Soldini, Davide; van den Broek, Maries; Curioni Fontecedro, Alessandra (2018). Gemcitabine synergizes with immune checkpoint inhibitors and overcomes resistance in a preclinical model and mesothelioma patients. Clinical Cancer Research, 24(24):6345-6354.

Velz, Julia; Agaimy, Abbas; Frontzek, Karl; Neidert, Marian Christoph; Bozinov, Oliver; Wagner, Ulrich; Fritz, Christine; Coras, Roland; Hofer, Silvia; Bode-Lesniewska, Beata; Rushing, Elisabeth (2018). Molecular and Clinicopathologic Heterogeneity of Intracranial Tumors Mimicking Extraskeletal Myxoid Chondrosarcoma. Journal of Neuropathology and Experimental Neurology, 77(8):727-735.

Hodel, Sandro; Laux, Christoph; Farei-Campagna, Jan; Götschi, Tobias; Bode-Lesniewska, Beata; Müller, Daniel Andreas (2018). The impact of biopsy sampling errors and the quality of surgical margins on local recurrence and survival in chondrosarcoma. Cancer Management and Research, 10:3765-3771.

Tschallener, Manuel; Knechtle, Beat; Bode-Lesniewska, Beata; Braschler, Thomas; Frei, Eveline; Rothermundt, Christian; Messerli, Michael (2017). Der etwas andere Husten. Praxis, 106(19):1065-1070.

Bode-Lesniewska, Beata (2017). Moderne histopathologische Klassifikation und Klinik der Weichteiltumoren. Therapeutische Umschau. Revue thérapeutique, 74(4):204-208.

Bode-Lesniewska, Beata; Caduff, Rosmarie (2017). News in der aktuell gültigen WHO-Klassifikation der HPV-assoziierten Zervix-Läsionen. Praxis, 106(6):305-310.

Gvozdenovic, Ana; Boro, Aleksandar; Meier, Daniela; Bode-Lesniewska, Beata; Born, Walter; Muff, Roman; Fuchs, Bruno (2016). Targeting αvβ3 and αvβ5 integrins inhibits pulmonary metastasis in an intratibial xenograft osteosarcoma mouse model. OncoTarget, 7(34):55141-55154.

Bezel, Pascal; Tischler, Verena; Robinson, Cecile; Baumueller, Stephan; Bode-Lesniewska, Beata; Kohler, Malcolm; Freitag, Lutz; Franzen, Daniel (2016). Diagnostic Value of Bronchoalveolar Lavage for Diagnosis of Suspected Peripheral Lung Cancer. Clinical Lung Cancer, 17(5):e151-e156.

Wolpert, Fabian; Grotzer, Michael A; Niggli, Felix; Zimmermann, Dieter; Rushing, Elisabeth; Bode-Lesniewska, Beata (2016). Ewing's Sarcoma as a Second Malignancy in Long-Term Survivors of Childhood Hematologic Malignancies. Sarcoma, 2016:5043640.

Bode-Lesniewska, Beata (2016). Flow cytometry and effusions in lymphoproliferative processes and other hematologic neoplasias. Acta Cytologica, 60(4):354-364.

Datta, Niloy Ranjan; Grobholz, Rainer; Puric, Emsad; Bode-Lesniewska, Beata; Lomax, Nicoletta; Khan, Shaka; Gaipl, Udo S; Fuchs, Bruno; Bodis, Stephan (2015). Enhanced tumour regression in a patient of liposarcoma treated with radiotherapy and hyperthermia: Hint for dynamic immunomodulation by hyperthermia. International Journal of Hyperthermia, 31(5):574-577.

Albers, Joachim; Danzer, Claudia; Rechsteiner, Markus; Lehmann, Holger; Brandt, Laura P; Hejhal, Tomas; Catalano, Antonella; Busenhart, Philipp; Gonçalves, Ana Filipa; Brandt, Simone; Bode, Peter K; Bode-Lesniewska, Beata; Wild, Peter J; Frew, Ian J (2015). A versatile modular vector system for rapid combinatorial mammalian genetics. Journal of Clinical Investigation, 125(4):1603-1619.

Sammer, Ulla; Walter, Matthias; Knüpfer, Stephanie C; Mehnert, Ulrich; Bode-Lesniewska, Beata; Kessler, Thomas M (2015). Do We Need Surveillance Urethro-Cystoscopy in Patients with Neurogenic Lower Urinary Tract Dysfunction? PLoS ONE, 10(10):e0140970.

Robl, Bernhard; Pauli, Chantal; Botter, Sander Martijn; Bode-Lesniewska, Beata; Fuchs, Bruno (2015). Prognostic value of tumor suppressors in osteosarcoma before and after neoadjuvant chemotherapy. BMC Cancer, 15:379.

Jentzsch, Thorsten; Robl, Bernhard; Husmann, Maren; Bode-Lesniewska, Beata; Fuchs, Bruno (2014). Expression of MSH2 and MSH6 on a Tissue Microarray in Patients with Osteosarcoma. Anticancer Research, 34(12):6961-6972.

Rozati, Sima; Kempf, Werner; Ostheeren-Michaelis, Sonja; Bode-Lesniewska, Beata; Zimmermann, Dieter R; Dummer, Reinhard; Cozzio, Antonio (2014). Cutaneous Diffuse Large B-Cell Lymphoma, Leg Type, With Bilateral Intraocular Involvement and Infiltration to the CNS. Journal of Clinical Oncology:1-4.

Jentzsch, Thorsten; Robl, Bernhard; Husmann, Maren; Bode-Lesniewska, Beata; Fuchs, Bruno (2014). Worse prognosis of osteosarcoma patients expressing IGF-1 on a tissue microarray. Anticancer Research, 34(8):3881-3889.

Zimmermann, Anne-Katrin; Camenisch, Ulrike; Rechsteiner, Markus P; Bode-Lesniewska, Beata; Rössle, Matthias (2014). Value of immunohistochemistry in the detection of BRAF(V600E) mutations in fine-needle aspiration biopsies of papillary thyroid carcinoma. Cancer Cytopathology, 122(1):48-58.

Magagna-Poveda, Alejandra; Frontzek, Karl; Bode-Lesniewska, Beata; Rushing, Elisabeth J (2013). A 59-year-old woman with a retroauricular tumor. Brain Pathology, 23(5):603-604.

Crivelli-Ochsner, Susanna; Bode-Lesniewska, Beata; Nussbaumer-Ochsner, Yvonne; Fuchs, Bruno (2013). Giant cell angioblastoma in an adult: a unique presentation. Rare Tumors, 5(3):e27.

Modaressi, Kourosh; Bode-Lesniewska, Beata; Studer, Gabriela; Hofer, Silvia; Fuchs, Bruno (2013). Knochenmetastasen – Abklärung und Therapie. Swiss Medical Forum, 13(29-30):571-579.

Steinmetz, H W; Rütten, Maja; Ruess-Melzer, Katja; Ohlerth, Stefanie; Lischer, Christoph J; Oevermann, Anna; Bode-Lesniewska, Beata; Hatt, Jean-Michel (2010). Clinical course of a malignant peripheral nerve sheath tumor in a Siberian tiger (Panthera tigris altaica). Journal of Veterinary Diagnostic Investigation, 22(6):970-975.

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