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Krishnaswamy, Smita; Zivanovic, Nevena; Sharma, Roshan; Pe’er, Dana; Bodenmiller, Bernd (2018). Learning time-varying information flow from single-cell epithelial to mesenchymal transition data. PLoS ONE, 13(10):e0203389.

Kündig, Pascale; Giesen, Charlotte; Jackson, Hartland; Bodenmiller, Bernd; Papassotirolopus, Bärbel; Freiberger, Sandra Nicole; Aquino, Catharine; Opitz, Lennart; Varga, Zsuzsanna (2018). Correction to: Limited utility of tissue micro-arrays in detecting intra-tumoral heterogeneity in stem cell characteristics and tumor progression markers in breast cancer. Journal of Translational Medicine, 16(1):180.

Kündig, Pascale; Giesen, Charlotte; Jackson, Hartland; Bodenmiller, Bernd; Papassotirolopus, Bärbel; Freiberger, Sandra Nicole; Aquino, Catharine; Opitz, Lennart; Varga, Zsuzsanna (2018). Limited utility of tissue micro-arrays in detecting intra-tumoral heterogeneity in stem cell characteristics and tumor progression markers in breast cancer. Journal of Translational Medicine, 16:118.

Chevrier, Stéphane; Crowell, Helena L; Zanotelli, Vito RT; Engler, Stefanie; Robinson, Mark D; Bodenmiller, Bernd (2018). Compensation of Signal Spillover in Suspension and Imaging Mass Cytometry. Cell Systems, 6(5):612-620.e5.

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Rapsomaniki, Maria Anna; Lun, Xiao-Kang; Woerner, Stefan; Laumanns, Marco; Bodenmiller, Bernd; Martínez, María Rodríguez (2018). CellCycleTRACER accounts for cell cycle and volume in mass cytometry data. Nature Communications, 9(1):632.

Schulz, Daniel; Zanotelli, Vito Riccardo Tomaso; Fischer, Jana Raja; Schapiro, Denis; Engler, Stefanie; Lun, Xiao-Kang; Jackson, Hartland Warren; Bodenmiller, Bernd (2018). Simultaneous multiplexed imaging of mRNA and proteins with subcellular resolution in breast cancer tissue samples by mass cytometry. Cell Systems, 6(1):25-36.e5.

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Schapiro, Denis; Jackson, Hartland W; Raghuraman, Swetha; Fischer, Jana R; Zanotelli, Vito R T; Schulz, Daniel; Giesen, Charlotte; Catena, Raúl; Varga, Zsuzsanna; Bodenmiller, Bernd (2017). histoCAT: analysis of cell phenotypes and interactions in multiplex image cytometry data. Nature Methods:8.

Chevrier, Stéphane; Levine, Jacob Harrison; Zanotelli, Vito Riccardo Tomaso; Silina, Karina; Schulz, Daniel; Bacac, Marina; Ries, Carola Hermine; Ailles, Laurie; Jewett, Michael Alexander Spencer; Moch, Holger; van den Broek, Maries; Beisel, Christian; Stadler, Michael Beda; Gedye, Craig; Reis, Bernhard; Pe'er, Dana; Bodenmiller, Bernd (2017). An Immune Atlas of Clear Cell Renal Cell Carcinoma. Cell, 169(4):736-749.e18.

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Malmersjö, Seth; Di Palma, Serena; Diao, Jiajie; Lai, Ying; Pfuetzner, Richard A; Wang, Austin L; McMahon, Moira A; Hayer, Arnold; Porteus, Matthew; Bodenmiller, Bernd; Brunger, Axel T; Meyer, Tobias (2016). Phosphorylation of residues inside the SNARE complex suppresses secretory vesicle fusion. EMBO Journal Online, 35(16):1810-1821.

Catena, Raúl; Özcan, Alaz; Zivanovic, Nevena; Bodenmiller, Bernd (2016). Enhanced multiplexing in mass cytometry using osmium and ruthenium tetroxide species. Cytometry. Part A, 89(5):491-497.

Bodenmiller, Bernd (2016). Multiplexed epitope-based tissue imaging for discovery and healthcare applications. Cell Systems, 2(4):225-238.

Catena, Raúl; Özcan, Alaz; Jacobs, Andrea; Chevrier, Stephane; Bodenmiller, Bernd (2016). AirLab: a cloud-based platform to manage and share antibody-based single-cell research. Genome Biology, 17(1):142.

Giesen, Charlotte; Wang, Hao A O; Schapiro, Denis; Zivanovic, Nevena; Jacobs, Andrea; Hattendorf, Bodo; Schüffler, Peter J; Grolimund, Daniel; Buhmann, Joachim M; Brandt, Simone; Varga, Zsuzsanna; Wild, Peter J; Günther, Detlef; Bodenmiller, Bernd (2014). Highly multiplexed imaging of tumor tissues with subcellular resolution by mass cytometry. Nature Methods, 11(4):417-22.

Wippich, Frank; Bodenmiller, Bernd; Trajkovska, Maria Gustafsson; Wanka, Stefanie; Aebersold, Ruedi; Pelkmans, Lucas (2013). Dual specificity kinase DYRK3 couples stress granule condensation/dissolution to mTORC1 signaling. Cell, 152(4):791-805.

Bontron, Séverine; Jaquenoud, Malika; Vaga, Stefania; Talarek, Nicolas; Bodenmiller, Bernd; Aebersold, Ruedi; De Virgilio, Claudio (2013). Yeast endosulfines control entry into quiescence and chronological life span by inhibiting protein phosphatase 2A. Cell Reports, 3(1):16-22.

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Sumara, Grzegorz; Formentini, Ivan; Collins, Stephan; Sumara, Izabela; Windak, Renata; Bodenmiller, Bernd; Ramracheya, Reshma; Caille, Dorothée; Jiang, Huiping; Platt, Kenneth A; Meda, Paolo; Aebersold, Rudolf; Rorsman, Patrik; Ricci, Romeo (2009). Regulation of PKD by the MAPK p38delta in insulin secretion and glucose homeostasis. Cell, 136(2):235-248.

Schmidt, Alexander; Gehlenborg, Nils; Bodenmiller, Bernd; Mueller, Lukas N; Campbell, Dave; Mueller, Markus; Aebersold, Ruedi; Domon, Bruno (2008). An integrated, directed mass spectrometric approach for in-depth characterization of complex peptide mixtures. Molecular & Cellular Proteomics, 7(11):2138-2150.

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Tao, W Andy; Wollscheid, Bernd; O'Brien, Robert; Eng, Jimmy K; Li, Xiao-jun; Bodenmiller, Bernd; Watts, Julian D; Hood, Leroy; Aebersold, Ruedi (2005). Quantitative phosphoproteome analysis using a dendrimer conjugation chemistry and tandem mass spectrometry. Nature Methods, 2(8):591-598.

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