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Goetzmann, Lutz; Seiler, Annina; Benden, Christian; Boehler, Annette; Büchi, Stefan; Jenewein, Josef; Ruettner, Barbara; Mueller-Alcazar, Anett; Weierstall, Roland (2018). Transplantation experience as a predictor for quality of life during the first 6 months after lung transplantation. Clinical Transplantation, 32(10):e13393.

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Zuercher, Alice J; Inci, Ilhan; Benden, Christian; Fretz, Gregory; Béchir, Markus; Boehler, Annette; Weder, Walter (2013). Intra-operative extracorporeal membrane oxygenation use in pediatric lung transplantation - the Zurich experience. Pediatric Transplantation, 17(8):800-805.

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Tischler, Verena; Schuurmans, Macé M; Boehler, Annette; Gaspert, Ariana (2012). Crystal precipitation and granulomatous inflammation in multiple organs after foscarnet therapy in a lung transplant recipient. Journal of Heart and Lung Transplantation, 31(9):1037-1040.

Neukom, Marius; Corti, Valentina; Boothe, Brigitte; Boehler, Annette; Goetzmann, Lutz (2012). Fantasized recipient-donor relationships following lung transplantations: A qualitative case analysis based on patient narratives. International Journal of Psychoanalysis, 93(1):117-137.

von Boehmer, Lotta; Draenert, Alice; Jungraithmayr, Wolfgang; Inci, Ilhan; Niklaus, Schäfer; Boehler, Annette; Hofer, Markus; Stahel, Rolf; Soltermann, Alex; van den Broek, Maries; Weder, Walter; Knuth, Alexander (2012). Immunosuppression and lung cancer of donor origin after bilateral lung transplantation. Lung Cancer, 76(1):118-122.

Goetzmann, Lutz; Scholz, Urte; Dux, Raphaela; Roellin, Michaela; Boehler, Annette; Muellhaupt, Beat; Noll, Georg; Wüthrich, Rudolf P; Klaghofer, Richard (2012). Life satisfaction and burnout among heart, lung, liver, and kidney transplant patients and their spouses. Swiss Journal of Psychology, 71(3):125-134.

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Tschopp, Oliver; Boehler, Annette; Speich, Rudolf; Weder, Walter; Seifert, Burkhardt; Russi, Erich W; Schmid, Christoph (2002). Osteoporosis before lung transplantation: association with low body mass index, but not with underlying disease. American Journal of Transplantation, 2(2):167-172.

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Hillinger, Sven; Schmid, Ralph A; Stammberger, Uz; Boehler, Annette; Schüb, Othmar M; Zollinger, Andreas; Weder, Walter (1999). Donor and recipient treatment with the Lazaroid U-74006F do not improve post-transplant lung function in swine1. European Journal of Cardio-Thoracic Surgery, 15(4):475-480.

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