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Quandt, Brit M; Braun, Fabian; Ferrario, Damien; Rossi, René M; Scheel-Sailer, Anke; Wolf, Martin; Bona, Gian-Luca; Hufenus, Rudolf; Scherer, Lukas J; Boesel, Luciano F (2017). Body-monitoring with photonic textiles: a reflective heartbeat sensor based on polymer optical fibres. Journal of the Royal Society Interface, 14(128):20170060.

Quandt, Brit M; Hufenus, Rudolf; Weisse, Bernhard; Braun, Fabian; Wolf, Martin; Scheel-Sailer, Anke; Bona, Gian-Luca; Rossi, René M; Boesel, Luciano F (2017). Optimization of novel melt-extruded polymer optical fibers designed for pressure sensor applications. European Polymer Journal, 88:44-55.

Quandt, Brit M; Scherer, Lukas J; Boesel, Luciano F; Wolf, Martin; Bona, Gian-Luca; Rossi, René M (2015). Body-monitoring and health supervision by means of optical fiber-based sensing systems in medical textiles. Advanced Healthcare Materials, 4(3):330-355.

Pauly, Anja C; Schöller, Katrin; Baumann, Lukas; Rossi, René M; Dustmann, Kathrin; Ziener, Ulrich; de Courten, Damien; Wolf, Martin; Boesel, Luciano F; Scherer, Lukas J (2015). ATRP-based synthesis and characterization of light-responsive coatings for transdermal delivery systems. Science and Technology of Advanced Materials, 16(3):034604.

Weder, Markus; Hegemann, Dirk; Amberg, Martin; Hess, Markus; Boesel, Luciano F; Abächerli, Roger; Meyer, Veronika R; Rossi, René M (2015). Embroidered electrode with silver/titanium coating for long-term ECG monitoring. Sensors, 15(1):1750-1759.

Krehel, Marek; Wolf, Martin; Boesel, Luciano F; Rossi, René M; Bona, Gian-Luca; Scherer, Lukas J (2014). Development of a luminous textile for reflective pulse oximetry measurements. Biomedical Optics Express, 5(8):2537-2547.

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