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Dyshlovoy, S A; Menchinskaya, E S; Venz, S; Rast, S; Amann, K; Hauschild, J; Otte, K; Kalinin, V I; Silchenko, A S; Avilov, S A; Alsdorf, W; Madanchi, R; Bokemeyer, C; Schumacher, U; Walther, R; Aminin, D L; Fedorov, S N; Shubina, L K; Stonik, V A; Balabanov, S; Honecker, F; von Amsberg, G (2016). The marine triterpene glycoside frondoside A exhibits activity in vitro and in vivo in prostate cancer. International Journal of Cancer, 138(10):2450-2465.

Dyshlovoy, S A; Venz, S; Hauschild, J; Tabakmakher, K M; Otte, K; Madanchi, R; Walther, R; Guzii, A G; Makarieva, T N; Shubina, L K; Fedorov, S N; Stonik, V A; Bokemeyer, C; Balabanov, S; Honecker, F; V Amsberg, G (2016). Anti-migratory activity of marine alkaloid monanchocidin A : proteomics-based discovery and confirmation. Proteomics, 16(10):1590-1603.

Dyshlovoy, S A; Hauschild, J; Amann, K; Tabakmakher, K M; Venz, S; Walther, R; Guzii, A G; Makarieva, T N; Shubina, L K; Fedorov, S N; Stonik, V A; Bokemeyer, C; Balabanov, S; Honecker, F; von Amsberg, G (2015). Marine alkaloid Monanchocidin a overcomes drug resistance by induction of autophagy and lysosomal membrane permeabilization. OncoTarget, 6(19):17328-17341.

Ummanni, R; Duscharla, D; Barett, C; Venz, S; Schlomm, T; Heinzer, H; Walther, R; Bokemeyer, C; Brümmendorf, T H; Murthy, P V; Balabanov, S (2015). Prostate cancer-associated autoantibodies in serum against tumor-associated antigens as potential new biomarkers. Journal of Proteomics, 119:218-229.

Honecker, F; Rohlfing, T; Harder, S; Braig, M; Gillis, A J; Glaesener, S; Barett, C; Bokemeyer, C; Buck, F; Brümmendorf, T H; Looijenga, L H; Balabanov, S (2014). Proteome analysis of the effects of all-trans retinoic acid on human germ cell tumor cell lines. Journal of Proteomics, 96:300-313.

Dyshlovoy, S A; Venz, S; Shubina, L K; Fedorov, S N; Walther, R; Jacobson, C; Stonik, V A; Bokemeyer, C; Balabanov, S; Honecker, F (2014). Activity of aaptamine and two derivatives, demethyloxyaaptamine and isoaaptamine, in cisplatin-resistant germ cell cancer. Journal of Proteomics, 96:223-239.

Braig, M; Pällmann, N; Preukschas, M; Steinemann, D; Hofmann, W; Gompf, A; Streichert, T; Braunschweig, T; Copland, M; Rudolph, K L; Bokemeyer, C; Koschmieder, S; Schuppert, A; Balabanov, S; Brümmendorf, T H (2014). A 'telomere-associated secretory phenotype' cooperates with BCR-ABL to drive malignant proliferation of leukemic cells. Leukemia, 28(10):2028-2039.

Wellbrock, J; Sheikhzadeh, S; Oliveira-Ferrer, L; Stamm, H; Hillebrand, M; Keyser, B; Klokow, M; Vohwinkel, G; Bonk, V; Otto, B; Streichert, T; Balabanov, S; Hagel, C; Rybczynski, M; Bentzien, F; Bokemeyer, C; von Kodolitsch, Y; Fiedler, W (2014). Overexpression of Gremlin-1 in patients with Loeys-Dietz syndrome: Implications on pathophysiology and early disease detection. PLoS ONE, 9(8):e104742.

Sievert, H; Pällmann, N; Miller, K K; Hermanns-Borgmeyer, I; Venz, S; Sendoel, A; Preukschas, M; Schweizer, M; Boettcher, S; Janiesch, P C; Streichert, T; Walther, R; Hengartner, M O; Manz, M G; Brümmendorf, T H; Bokemeyer, C; Braig, M; Hauber, J; Duncan, K E; Balabanov, S (2014). A novel mouse model for inhibition of DOHH-mediated hypusine modification reveals a crucial function in embryonic development, proliferation and oncogenic transformation. Disease Models & Mechanisms, 7(8):963-976.

Balabanov, S; Wilhelm, T; Venz, S; Keller, G; Scharf, C; Pospisil, H; Braig, M; Barett, C; Bokemeyer, C; Walther, R; Brümmendorf, T H; Schuppert, A (2013). Combination of a proteomics approach and reengineering of meso scale network models for prediction of mode-of-action for tyrosine kinase inhibitors. PLoS ONE, 8(1):e53668.

Sievert, H; Venz, S; Platas-Barradas, O; Dhople, V M; Schaletzky, M; Nagel, C H; Braig, M; Preukschas, M; Pällmann, N; Bokemeyer, C; Brümmendorf, T H; Pörtner, R; Walther, R; Duncan, K E; Hauber, J; Balabanov, S (2012). Protein-protein-interaction network organization of the hypusine modification system. Molecular & Cellular Proteomics, 11(11):1289-1305.

Preukschas, M; Hagel, C; Schulte, A; Weber, K; Lamszus, K; Sievert, H; Pällmann, N; Bokemeyer, C; Hauber, J; Braig, M; Balabanov, S (2012). Expression of eukaryotic initiation factor 5A and hypusine forming enzymes in glioblastoma patient samples: implications for new targeted therapies. PLoS ONE, 7(8):43468.

Ummanni, R; Barreto, F; Venz, S; Scharf, C; Barett, C; Mannsperger, H A; Brase, J C; Kuner, R; Schlomm, T; Sauter, G; Sültmann, H; Korf, U; Bokemeyer, C; Walther, R; Brümmendorf, T H; Balabanov, S (2012). Peroxiredoxins 3 and 4 are overexpressed in prostate cancer tissue and affect the proliferation of prostate cancer cells in vitro. Journal of Proteome Research, 11(4):2452-2466.

Dyshlovoy, S A; Naeth, I; Venz, S; Preukschas, M; Sievert, H; Jacobsen, C; Shubina, L K; Gesell Salazar, M; Scharf, C; Walther, R; Krepstakies, M; Priyadarshini, P; Hauber, J; Fedorov, S N; Bokemeyer, C; Stonik, V A; Balabanov, S; Honecker, F (2012). Proteomic profiling of germ cell cancer cells treated with aaptamine, a marine alkaloid with antiproliferative activity. Journal of Proteome Research, 11(4):2316-2330.

Minner, S; Rump, D; Tennstedt, P; Simon, R; Burandt, E; Terracciano, L; Moch, H; Wilczak, W; Bokemeyer, C; Fisch, M; Sauter, G; Eichelberg, C (2012). Epidermal growth factor receptor protein expression and genomic alterations in renal cell carcinoma. Cancer, 118(5):1268-1275.

Schwab, M; Zanger, U M; Marx, C; Schaeffeler, E; Klein, K; Dippon, J; Kerb, R; Blievernicht, J; Fischer, J; Hofmann, U; Bokemeyer, C; Eichelbaum, M (2008). Role of genetic and nongenetic factors for fluorouracil treatment-related severe toxicity: a prospective clinical trial by the German 5-FU Toxicity Study Group. Journal of Clinical Oncology, 26(13):2131-2138.

Al-Batran, S E; Hartmann, J T; Probst, S; Schmalenberg, H; Hollerbach, S; Hofheinz, R; Rethwisch, V; Seipelt, G; Homann, N; Wilhelm, G; Schuch, G; Stoehlmacher, J; Derigs, H G; Hegewisch-Becker, S; Grossmann, J; Pauligk, C; Atmaca, A; Bokemeyer, C; Knuth, A; Jäger, E (2008). Phase III trial in metastatic gastroesophageal adenocarcinoma with fluorouracil, leucovorin plus either oxaliplatin or cisplatin: a study of the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Internistische Onkologie. Journal of Clinical Oncology, 26(9):1435-1442.

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